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Antique & Vintage Animal Gift Ideas - 2017-08-05

For The Inner Animal - Great Antique & Vintage Animal Gifts

Searching for antique or vitnage gift ideas for the animal lover in your life? Cynthia Findlay's has an astonishing assortment of treasures to please even the pickiest pet parents.

They greet you at the door with a sloppy grin, take you out for your daily exercise and love you unconditionally; how could you not love dogs back?  Here are a few ideas for Dog Lovers:

Antique & Vintage Dog Bookends

For the intellectual guard dog.

Antique & Vintage Dog Collectibles

Keep a perfect miniature of your best friend on any shelf or at the office.

Vintage Dog Inkwells

Speaking of the office, this little pup makes for a truly unique desk topper. His head opens to allows access to the ink but this well could be easily used to store office knickknacks.

Whether prowling through the jungle or pouncing on those dangerous dust bunnies cats come in all shapes and sizes. Find the purr-fect gift ideas for Cat Lovers:

Antique & Vintage Pendants and Earrings

This ferocious Vintage tiger locket is absolutely stunning.

If you were on the hunt for Panthers these Cartier inspired earrings are sure to work!

Antique Baby Rattles

This antique sterling and mother of pearl rattle makes a perfect gift for the newest addition to your pride.

Was Tweety bird your favourite cartoon character? If so you might be a Bird-Lover.  Here are a few of our favourite ideas for aviary fans:

Vintage Bird Sculptures

This exquisite Vintage Earthenware Harlander sculpture is just one example of a flock of majestic aviary statues.

Vintage Bird cages 

A Vintage cage makes for a lovely decoration both indoors and outdoors. This uniquely shaped mid century beauty was once home to a lucky bird or two.

Antique, Vintage & Estate Intaglios

This carved agate intaglio ring features a bird perched regally atop a coat of arms. 

Prancing. Trotting. Galloping. Loving. Horses. Some great gifting ideas for Equestrians and Horse-Lovers:

Vintage compacts

This Stratton compacts boasts a beautiful image of a regal mare.

Antique & Vintage Racing Statues

Renee Williams captured in bronze the moment of victory for a horse and jockey.  The muscles seem to jump off the marble base and race through time from its original depiction in 1977.

Antique & Vintage Cufflinks

These double head horse cufflinks set with sapphires and diamonds are sure to take any suit to the next level. 

Antique & Vintage Horseshoe jewellery

A perfect good luck charm. While horseshoe Jewelery comes in many shapes and sizes at Cynthia Findlays we are particularly enamored with this stunning Edwardian piece boasting European cut diamonds.

All these and many more treasures for the 'inner animal' can be found at our shop on King Street West or by Clicking Here.

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