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Voted Best Jewellery Store & Best Antique Store - 2019-11-20

Diamond Awards Winner

Thank you to everyone that voted to help us win diamond awards in the 2019 Toronto Star Readers' Choice Awards for the Best Jewellery Store and the Best Antique Store. We really appreciate it, thanks again!


Nominated For The Best Antique & Jewellery Store - 2019-09-12

We Have Been Nominated For The Best Antique & Jewellery Store

In The 2019 Toronto Star Readers' Choice Awards.

Please Vote For Us By Clicking Here!

Voting ends October 14th.

Thank You!!

Victorian Jewellery - Queen Victoria The Romantic - 2019-05-15

Victorian Jewellery Trends The Queen Started

In celebration of Queen Victoria’s birthday coming up May 24th, we are highlighting some of the trends the Queen started. She was a cutting edge, fashionable trend-setter in jewellery and design in the Victorian era.

The Queen and the Victorians were enamoured with the romantic, magical and the spiritual. Jewellery items were adorned conveying grief and glee and the endearing.

The crescent moon and stars became common symbols in jewellery during this era. The crescent moon represented spiritual being and the feminine Moon Goddess and stars were a symbol of direction and guidance.

Vintage Seed Pearl with Diamond Crescent and Star Brooch

Vintage Seed Pearl with Diamond Crescent and Star Brooch

The Victorians associated seed pearls with purity, valuing the lace effect of surfaces completely covered in their lustre.

Vintage Opal Brooch

Opals signified protection, loyalty & faithfulness.

Victorian Garnet Crescent Brooch

Victorian Garnet Crescent Brooch

Garnets are regarded as a symbol of prosperity and vitality. Please click here to shop our collection.