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Modern & Vintage Engagement Ring Styles at our Antique Store - 2021-03-27

Modern & Vintage Engagement Ring Styles at our Antique Store

Enjoy these beautiful styles of vintage and modern sapphire and diamond engagement rings.

Modern & Vintage Engagement Rings Styles Below

Click here to shop a stunning selection of modern, antique, Art Deco, estate and vintage engagement rings online.

Season of Champions - Antiques & Vintage Jewellery Shopping Online - 2020-06-18

Celebrating Dads, Grads, Newlyweds and Anniversaries!

1) Birks Cufflinks

Birks Platinum Gold Mother of Pearl Cufflinks

A beautiful pair of Birks Platinum and 14kt yellow gold mother of pearl cufflinks, circa 1930s.

2) Whiskey Jugs

Glass Whiskey Water Jugs With Sterling Silver Covers Liquor Tags

Glass whiskey and water jugs with sterling covers and liquor tags in the original presentation box.

3) Patek Philippe Pocket Watch

Patek Philippe Gold Pocket Watch

A handsome Patek Philippe stem wind open face pocket watch in a 18kt. yellow gold Tiffany & Co. case.

4) Champagne Coupes

Vintage Gilded and Cut Crystal Champagne Coupes

Vintage gilded and cut crystal champagne coupes.

5) Brass Jardiniere

Arts & Crafts Solid BrassJardiniere

Arts & Crafts solid brass Chadwick Brothers jardiniere.

6) Agate Intaglio Ring

Agate Intaglio Ring

14kt. yellow gold intaglio ring with a carved agate depicting a coat of arms.

7) Spelter Dog Bookends

Vintage Spelter Dog Bookends With Original Bronze Patination

Vintage spelter dog bookends with original bronze patination.

8) Telegraph Transmitting Key

Signal Electric MFG. Co. telegraph transmitting key.

9) Cigar Cases

Antique Sterling Silver Cigar Cases

Antique American sterling silver cigar cases, circa 1900.

10) Chess Pieces

Vintage Wedgwood Black Basalt Chess Pieces of a king and queen

Vintage Wedgwood Black Basalt chess pieces of a king and queen.

11) Georg Jensen Shot Glass

Vintage Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Shot Glass

Vintage George Jensen sterling silver shot glass.

12) Frank MacKenzie Ross

The Honourable Frank Mackenzie Ross leather box

The tool and gilded leather box belonged to the honourable Frank Mackenzie Ross leather box.

13) Lalique Hood Ornament

Lalique Hood Ornament Form Sculpture of Pan Diana

Lalique hood ornament from a sculpture of Pan & Diana.

14) Adie Lovekin Silver Bread Fork

Adie Lovekin English Sterling Silver Bread Fork

English sterling bread fork in the original presentation box.

15) Bookmarks

Antique and Vintage Silver Bookmarks

Antique and vintage silver bookmarks.

16) Moser Crystal Brandy Sniffers

Moser Crystal Lady Hamilton Gold Encrusted Band Brandy Snifters

Moser crystal "Lady Hamilton Gold Encrusted Band" brandy snifters

17) Brass Inkstand c. 1905

Arts Crafts Brass Inkstand Circa 1905

Arts & Crafts brass inkstand, unmarked, likely American.

18) Sterling Silver Box

English Art Deco Sterling Silver Cigarette Box With Cedar Lining

English Art Deco sterling silver box with cedar lining. Ideal for a dressing table, desk or coffee table.

19) Horse Cufflinks

horse cufflinks

Contemporary Italian made, sterling and enamel horse cufflinks.

20) Asparagus Server

Sterling Silver Asparagus Server In The Louis Pattern

Sterling silver asparagus server in the Louis pattern.

21) Cribbage Board and Card Box

Victorian Cribbage Board and Card Box

Victorian cribbage game board with a split compartment box for playing cards or other items. English, circa 1880-1900.

22) Ivory Billiard Balls

Set of Three Ivory Billiard Balls

Set of three ivory billiard balls. Two are natural ivory and one is dyed red.

23) Sterling Silver Quaich Cup

English Art Deco Sterling Silver Quaich Cup Trophy of Monumental Size

English Art Deco sterling silver quaich cup/trophy of monumental size.

24) Golf Figurines

Vintage Golf Figurines

Three vintage golf figures. Click to find out more.

25) Trophies

Antique and Vintage Silver Plate Trophies

Antique and vintage silver plate trophies. Custom engraving can be done to suit your event.

The Aesthetic Movement - 2020-05-08

Also referred to as Aestheticism,

is a 19th century art movement with an emphasis on aesthetic values over deep meaning.  The prime function of an object was to be beautiful ---- "art for art's sake".

The origins of Aestheticism are in the Orientalism movement of the 1850s and 60s.  After The Great Exhibition in London in 1851 several Oriental objects were purchased by The Government Schools of Design as study collections, enabling students to experience the "East" for the first time.  The Museum of Ornamental Art, which later become The Victoria and Albert Museum, purchased Japanese lacqeur and porcelain for the permanent collections in 1852 and 1854.  The Meiji Restoration in Japan in 1858 allowed freedom of ideas to flow in and out of Japan.  Previously Japan had been closed to all but a limited  number of Dutch merchants that were limited to trading in the port of Nagasaki. The London Exhibition of 1862 was the first time the English general public were exposed to Japanese arts, textiles and household goods in a major way.

The production of British made, Aesthetic style furniture and residential decorative items occurred primarily between 1870 and 1900.  Recurring decorative themes reflect an Eastern influence, the style referred to as "Anglo-Japanese".  By the Paris Exhibition of 1878 this was known as the "Modern English" style; Christopher Dresser being one of the chief proponents of the exoticism of these new visual ideas.  It is in this period that Arthur Lasenby Liberty (1843-1917) opened a small shop on Regent St. in London, selling small ornaments and objet d'art imported from Japan and the Middle East.  Liberty's opening in 1875 heralded the first successful commercial outlet of Aestheticism accessible to the shopping public.  Some of the designers that worked with or for Liberty's include Christopher Dresser (1834-1917), E.W. Godwin (1833-1886), Archibald Knox (1864-1933) and C. F. Voysey (1857-1941).

The flattening of planes and layering of compositional spaces borrow from Ukiyo-e, Japanese wood block prints.  On some pieces the ornamentation was on an ebonized or blackened background.  Naturalistic devices of flowers, birds, gingko leaves and peacock feathers are prominent.  Asymmetrical and collaged placement of the design motifs, such as fans and banners, contribute to the suggested randomness and naturalism of the overall design.  Gilded highlights add to the sensuality of the visual experience.

"Art for art's sake", after all.

Some examples from the collections of Cynthia Findlay Antiques demonstrate these design elements.

Both the Minton Majolica charger, 1871-75.

Minton Majolica Aesthetic Movement Charger circa 1871-75 
And the Coalport mantle vases, 1885-1890

Coalport Aesthetic Movement Mantle Vases

Demonstrate the use of birds, flowers and leaves organized asymmetrically against a black background.

Both the Royal Worcester cabinet vases, circa 1880

Aesthetic Movement Royal Worcester Cabinet Vases circa 1880

And the Mason's Ironstone vases, circa 1890
Victorian Mason's Ironstone Aesthetic Movement Vases

Demonstrate the use of collaged multi-motif placement of fans, circles and panels in the overall design.