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American Gods Props Rentals - 2017-07-22

American Gods Vintage and Antique Props Rentals

(Warning, possible spoiler alert!)

This year's exciting new Spring tv sensation is 'American Gods' premiering on Starz (Amazon Prime Video in Canada). The television adaptation of Neil Gaiman's successful novel 'American Gods' (2001) explodes off the screen with action, intrigue and a wonderfully modern twist on mythology.  The Old World Gods and the New Gods of Technology and Media war for their place in modern America.

The main storyline follows Shadow Moon who is released from prison three days early to attend his wife's funeral.  Ian McShane enters the scene as the compelling Mr. Wednesday (Norse God Odin) and in a chance encounter draws Shadow Moon into the war of the Gods as his new personal bodyguard.  Each episode begins with a historical fiction of a different Old World God's 'Coming to America story'.  These Gods arrive powerfully and dramatically through the prayers and spilled blood of their believers.  Intense historical vignettes bring political issues to the forefront while also rooting the Gods of the Old World in the mythologies and faiths from which they came.

The reviews of 'American Gods' are absolutely glowing, as is the feedback from Cynthia Findlay Antiques employees who had a chance to work alongside Props and Set departments to discover, buy and rent several store items to the filming of the show.  As a big fan of Neil Gaiman's novel one employee remarked on the 'impeccable attention to details and the quality of the props choices made by the designers'.  Details can define or destroy an adaptation and the crew of 'American Gods' did an absolutely terrific job in capturing the essence of the book in both physical objects and onscreen portrayals.

There are several items that Props and Set have rented from Cynthia Findlay's Antiques that are still available for sale in store.  Some of our favorites are:

This handsome Bronze Dog Satue.

Bronze Study of a Dog

A pair of Stately Bronze Urns.

French Bronze Urns-Aesthetic Movement

This perfect combination of Antique Masculinity and Delicate details on this Antique mounted, gilded horn cup.

Antique Ornate Gilt Metal Mounted Presentation Horn Cup

History comes alive in the Unique lines of this Pineapple shape silver plate Coffee and Tea Service circa the 1860s.

Late Victorian Pineapple Shape Five Piece Tea and Coffee Set Plate on Nickel A. G. Co. and Victorian English Silver Plate Tea Tray Plate on Nickel C.1890-1900

Wonderfully detailed English Silver plate tea tray.

Victorian English Silver Plate Tea Tray Plate on Nickel C.1890-1900

Click Here and keep an eye out as the online list is expanded and updated to find your favorite pieces from a terrifically enthralling show!

Cynthia Findlay's Antiques enjoys working alongside designers and crews to provide prop rentals and sales for magazines, television series and films in Toronto. Our staff will work alongside you to help bring your vision to life, onscreen and off.

How To Find 'The Ring' For 'The One' - 2017-07-07

You've found 'the One' and now it's time to find 'the Ring'.  As you begin engagement ring shopping it's easy to become overwhelmed by the vast array of choices.  Instead of going to a jewelry store in a mall full of hustling people and searching for the latest- and likely most expensive- rings, why not consider purchasing a vintage ring?  Antique and Vintage rings have timeless and classic looks, and in many cases are more affordable than similar modern rings.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose a vintage engagement ring:

Craftsmanship:  One of the hallmarks of vintage rings is their exceptional craftsmanship.  From first look it's easy to see the time and care that a highly skilled jeweler spent crafting a vintage or antique ring.  To commission a ring today with the same level of skill and quality as an Edwardian, Vintage or Art Deco ring would cost much more than finding the perfect piece that has already been lovingly created.

Uniqueness:  The engagement ring that you purchase should be a show-stopping, one of a kind piece that stands out from the crowd as much as the woman who will wear it.  There's no better way to ensure her ring is unique than to purchase an antique engagement ring.  The age of these rings and the likelihood that they were in fact handcrafted means that you'll very rarely see two identical rings. 

Symbolism:  An engagement ring is a symbol of a commitment that will last forever, and a sign that the marriage you are proposing will be timeless.  What better way to symbolize this enduring bond of love than with a timeless piece of jewellery? A vintage engagement ring shows the world that you have a love that transcends time and -like vintage jewellery- will never go out of style.

The Loonie Is How Old? - 2017-06-30

On the day before Canada's 150th Birthday we celebrate the Birthday of another Canadian icon: the Loonie. June 30th, 2017 marks the 30th year since the Loonie entered circulation in 1987.

This iconic, brass plated steel coin was introduced to phase out the dollar bill in Canada and became affectionately known as the Loonie because of The design of the Common Loon that it features. The name 'Loonie' was so popular that the Canadian Mint legally secured rights to the name in 2006.

The Loon has become a Canadian symbol thanks to the design by Robert Ralph Carmichael, but the dollar almost displayed a very different image. The original design for the Loonie featured a French explorer and an Indigenous man in a canoe. On the way to production the plates disappeared and out of fear of counterfeiting a new design was chosen for the Canadian dollar coin.

The Loon is a majestic water bird that mainly lives in Northern Canada and Northerly parts of the United States. These black and white beauties are diving birds that live off fish and crustaceans. The Loon's sight aids in their underwater hunting so they prefer to live on clear lakes such as in the Muskokas. The beautiful, plaintive cry of the Loon can often be heard echoing across lakes in Canada's cottage country.

Loons have often been seen as a romantic bird because they take a single partner to mate with, co-incubate their eggs and both parents take responsibility for the 1-2 chicks born each season. If a female loon loses her mate she may eventually take another partner during her up to 30 year lifespan.

A majestic and noble symbol of the Canadian North, the Loon can be found in many collectible ways in addition to the Loonie. Carved wooden loons are popular choices for the cottage chic look. Loon paintings make a lovely addition to the Canadian household. To shop our selection of Vintage Loon themed items come by our storefront at 284 King St W.

Happy 30th Birthday Loonie! And a Happy 150th Birthday to you Canada!

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