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Bertha and Thomas Dinsmore - 2013-03-05

When we buy and sell beautiful old jewellery, we ask the seller to tell us the family story

behind the story. Most people rarely know more beyond the basic generalities of what

their families were doing in the last century (do you know how your great-grandparents lived?).

Well, in this case, we have a ring with not only a story, but a picture! Meet Bertha and Thomas Dinsmore.

They were married in 1893 and this ring was Bertha’s engagement ring. In this photo, they are on

their way to the 1909 Seattle Exposé. The person who chooses this ring will be re-purposing it for a new

future, while maintaining the integrity of it’s history, which is the ultimate joy of vintage jewellery. Will

this ring visit Seattle again?

Man and Woman in car

Diamond Engagement Ring

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