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The History of Wedding Bands - 2013-06-25

The History of Wedding Bands Explained

As far as we know, betrothal rings (engagament rings) date back to cavemen, who would tie a

piece of grass around their mate’s finger (or wrist, or ankle, or waist) to control

her spirit. The progression of history has made the tradition of betrothal much

more romantic, and, fortunately, more democratic. The ancient Egyptians, infusing

some romance in the proceedings, wore silver or gold betrothal rings on the third finger of

the left hand. They believed that this finger contains a vein that runs directly to the heart.

Across the world and through history, wedding ring traditions have existed as variations

on this Egyptian theme. To wear a wedding band, is to participate in one of the most basic

and long-lasting traditions in our known history.

Diamond Wedding Band

Love at First Pin - 2013-05-17

First comes love, then comes.... a thimble?! In the mid-19th century, a large group of American colonizers (self-identified as “plain people”) regarded betrothal rings as excessive displays of frivolity. Instead, a prospective groom would present his bride with a thimble, which she would use to sew items for her hope chest. Once the marriage was complete, and the dowry sewn, the woman would cut off the top of the thimble and wear the bottom as a wedding ring.


Times are Changing - 2013-04-09

Opportunity and change come as a package deal. We are very excited to hear about our landlord

David Mirvish’s plan to transform the King and John area into an international architectural destination.

This change creates a major opportunity for our city and for our business. For three and a half years, we

have enjoyed working in this old Mirvish building. We are not sure what the future holds, but we are sure

that in a few years we will need to relocate. This move offers us the opportunity to reinvent our business,

while continuing to serve our loyal and wonderful customers. Come and enjoy our store in this historic

location while we’re still here.

Toronto Antiques on King