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Blog CF - Shopping News & Secret Stories

The Aesthetic Movement - 2020-05-08

Also referred to as Aestheticism,

is a 19th century art movement with an emphasis on aesthetic values over deep meaning.  The prime function of an object was to be beautiful ---- "art for art's sake".

The origins of Aestheticism are in the Orientalism movement of the 1850s and 60s.  After The Great Exhibition in London in 1851 several Oriental objects were purchased by The Government Schools of Design as study collections, enabling students to experience the "East" for the first time.  The Museum of Ornamental Art, which later become The Victoria and Albert Museum, purchased Japanese lacqeur and porcelain for the permanent collections in 1852 and 1854.  The Meiji Restoration in Japan in 1858 allowed freedom of ideas to flow in and out of Japan.  Previously Japan had been closed to all but a limited  number of Dutch merchants that were limited to trading in the port of Nagasaki. The London Exhibition of 1862 was the first time the English general public were exposed to Japanese arts, textiles and household goods in a major way.

The production of British made, Aesthetic style furniture and residential decorative items occurred primarily between 1870 and 1900.  Recurring decorative themes reflect an Eastern influence, the style referred to as "Anglo-Japanese".  By the Paris Exhibition of 1878 this was known as the "Modern English" style; Christopher Dresser being one of the chief proponents of the exoticism of these new visual ideas.  It is in this period that Arthur Lasenby Liberty (1843-1917) opened a small shop on Regent St. in London, selling small ornaments and objet d'art imported from Japan and the Middle East.  Liberty's opening in 1875 heralded the first successful commercial outlet of Aestheticism accessible to the shopping public.  Some of the designers that worked with or for Liberty's include Christopher Dresser (1834-1917), E.W. Godwin (1833-1886), Archibald Knox (1864-1933) and C. F. Voysey (1857-1941).

The flattening of planes and layering of compositional spaces borrow from Ukiyo-e, Japanese wood block prints.  On some pieces the ornamentation was on an ebonized or blackened background.  Naturalistic devices of flowers, birds, gingko leaves and peacock feathers are prominent.  Asymmetrical and collaged placement of the design motifs, such as fans and banners, contribute to the suggested randomness and naturalism of the overall design.  Gilded highlights add to the sensuality of the visual experience.

"Art for art's sake", after all.

Some examples from the collections of Cynthia Findlay Antiques demonstrate these design elements.

Both the Minton Majolica charger, 1871-75.

Minton Majolica Aesthetic Movement Charger circa 1871-75 
And the Coalport mantle vases, 1885-1890

Coalport Aesthetic Movement Mantle Vases

Demonstrate the use of birds, flowers and leaves organized asymmetrically against a black background.

Both the Royal Worcester cabinet vases, circa 1880

Aesthetic Movement Royal Worcester Cabinet Vases circa 1880

And the Mason's Ironstone vases, circa 1890
Victorian Mason's Ironstone Aesthetic Movement Vases

Demonstrate the use of collaged multi-motif placement of fans, circles and panels in the overall design.


Voted Best Jewellery Store & Best Antique Store - 2019-11-20

Diamond Awards Winner

Thank you to everyone that voted to help us win diamond awards in the 2019 Toronto Star Readers' Choice Awards for the Best Jewellery Store and the Best Antique Store. We really appreciate it, thanks again!


Nominated For The Best Antique & Jewellery Store - 2019-09-12

We Have Been Nominated For The Best Antique & Jewellery Store

In The 2019 Toronto Star Readers' Choice Awards.

Please Vote For Us By Clicking Here!

Voting ends October 14th.

Thank You!!

Victorian Jewellery - Queen Victoria The Romantic - 2019-05-15

Victorian Jewellery Trends The Queen Started

In celebration of Queen Victoria’s birthday coming up May 24th, we are highlighting some of the trends the Queen started. She was a cutting edge, fashionable trend-setter in jewellery and design in the Victorian era.

The Queen and the Victorians were enamoured with the romantic, magical and the spiritual. Jewellery items were adorned conveying grief and glee and the endearing.

The crescent moon and stars became common symbols in jewellery during this era. The crescent moon represented spiritual being and the feminine Moon Goddess and stars were a symbol of direction and guidance.

Vintage Seed Pearl with Diamond Crescent and Star Brooch

Vintage Seed Pearl with Diamond Crescent and Star Brooch

The Victorians associated seed pearls with purity, valuing the lace effect of surfaces completely covered in their lustre.

Vintage Opal Brooch

Opals signified protection, loyalty & faithfulness.

Victorian Garnet Crescent Brooch

Victorian Garnet Crescent Brooch

Garnets are regarded as a symbol of prosperity and vitality. Please click here to shop our collection.

Hear These Pretty Birds Sing At Our Antique Store - 2019-05-11

Discover our vintage and antique store.

Enjoy listening to theses west German made birds sing on this beautiful spring day. 

Antique & Vintage Finds This Spring - 2019-04-15

Are you celebrating a graduation, wedding or birthday this spring or summer?

We have a great selection of gifts to help with every occassion, here are a few ideas.

Vintage Cut Crystal Water Jug With Silver Plate Mounts

Vintage Pearl and Diamond Brooch

Sheffield Plate Candle Snuffer & Tray

Vintage Black Onyx and Diamond Ring

Vintage English Pointer Bookends

Vintage Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet

Doulton Burslem Galleon Series Ware Jug

Vintage Amethyst and Quartz Necklace

Miniature Tantalus, English, circa 1900.


Please visit us at 284 King Street West in Toronto from 10am - 6pm Tuesday - Sunday!

Delighted That Spring Is Here - 2018-03-24

Looking forward to flowers and butterfly's

Victorian Butterfly Brooch

Please click here to learn more about this beautiful 9kt yellow gold Victorian butterfly brooch.

Please click here to learn more about this delicate and whimsical 18kt yellow gold floral brooch with diamonds and natural emeralds.

A Valentine Message - 2018-02-09

Special Valentines Gifts

Shop our hand picked selection of special Valentines gifts below and

visit our store for more romantic ideas!

Vintage Red Tourmaline and Diamond Ring

Vintage Red Tourmaline and Diamond Ring

Antique Hand-Painted Spode Copeland Chocolate Cup Saucer

Antique Hand-Painted Spode Copeland Chocolate Cup & Saucer

Victorian Garnet Memorial Pendant

Victorian Garnet Memorial Pendant

Vintage 935 Sterling Silver Guilloche Enamel Oval Locket

Vintage 935 Sterling Silver Guilloche Enamel Oval Locket

Custom Made Heart Pendant

Painted Portrait

9kt Painted Porcelain Pendant

Please Click Here For Our Online Selectoin Of Antique & Vintage Heart Pendants

A Vintage Inspired Amethyst & Diamond Ring Engagement - 2017-12-14

Beautiful Vintage Inspired Amethyst & Diamond Engagement Ring & Wedding Photography


We are delighted to be working with the talented Rainbow Chan in making her vision of exceptional wedding scape come true. Her lavender concept has blown us away. These stunning photographs are from the talented artiese studios


Our Vintage Inspired Amethyst and Diamond Ring was featured.

A lovely 14 karat white gold mill grain and filigree ring featuring 1 checkerboard top cushion cut light intense purple amethyst and 22 round brilliant cut diamonds.


“Lavender, for so many, is a scent that is reminiscent of long summer nights and young summer love. The kind love that leaves us standing among the stars on cool winter nights just to feel the brief warmth of a memory”


These images were picked up by Joy Web on their wedding photography blog.

Antique & Vintage Holiday Decor & Dining Items - 2017-11-17

Here is a little update and reminder that we have antique and vintage decor and dining items

As the holidays are fast approaching we’ve created a list of items to better help you prep your home! Our inventory constantly changes.

Sterling Silver Flatware

We have a large selection of discontinued antique and vintage sterling silver flatware patterns. Our Birks sterling Silver Flatware is roughly half of Birks last retail price list. In addition we also carry Heirloom, Gotham, Internation, Northumbria, Roden and Wallace sterling silver flatware patterns.


We carry vintage and antique coastersice buckets, and liqueur tags.

This beautiful antique sterling silver bottle coaster by Gorham c. 1880 is 4 inches in diameter.

This Vintage Birks Regency Plate Champagne Cooler has a special past, it was used in the movie Crimson Peak as a prop.


What are celebrations without champagne? We have a grand collection of antique and vintage crystal stemware.

This vintage Waterford “Sheila” champagne coupes come in a set of 12. They are 4 ¾” high, 4” diameter. They were featured on the Marilyn Denis show on March 23, 2017 by interior designer Tommy Smythe.

For more information on products or more inspiration for Holiday preparation, visit us at 284 King Street West in Toronto. We look forward to seeing you, and best wishes this holiday season.

Spooky Antique & Vintage Jewellery for Halloween! - 2017-10-28

Beautiful Creepy Antique & Vintage Jewellery

What better way to greet trick or treaters than dressed up in beautifully creepy jewels? Here are some spooky and unique, vintage and antique jewels from our collection.


Amethyst Spider Brooch

This creepy crawly is bedazzled with one 1.62 carat amethyst and one 0.11 carat blue sapphire in a 14 karat yellow gold spider setting. A unique vintage brooch for your collection.


Diamond Spider Earrings

Luxurious black diamond spiders for your ears. This pair of 18 karat white gold earrings have four brilliant cut diamonds and 152 round brilliant cut black diamond!


Emerald Salamander Brooch

Slimy salamanders are perfect for Halloween. This Victorian style emerald brooch is of the late 1890s and houses one-hundred and nine mixed cut and polished emeralds combining to 8 ct. Two round brilliant cut and polished diamonds are in place as eyes of the salamander (SI, H-I 0.81 ct.).


Vintage Bat Pendant with Chain


Startling yet stunning sterling silver bat holding a red 6 star ruby cabochon will hang on your neck by a 18 karat, 23 inch yellow gold chain.


Enamel Bat Pin

Scream with delight at this emerald and diamond 18 karat yellow gold bat brooch. Two emeralds (0.03 carats), 139 round brilliant cut diamonds (1.48 carats: SI clarity: H-I colour).

More spooky and fantastic vintage and antique items can be found in store, visit us at 284 King Street West this week for the best Halloween Creepy Crawlies to add to your wardrobe!

The Great Jewellery Heist - Charity Event - 2017-10-25

Every year we have the distinct pleasure of contributing to a fabulous charity event, The Great Jewellery Heist.

Heist is an annual luncheon and auction of gorgeous donated jewellery that aims to raise funds for Bridgepoint.

Last year over $200,000 was raised. On October 27th, Bridgepoint will be hosting the 7th annual Great Jewellery Heist.

The luncheon is organized by Kalandra Roach Events and the lunch will be prepared by the Ritz-Carlton Executive Chef.


                       Inline image 1

This year we donated an important pair of French blue enamel to resemble lapis, and diamond earrings with an 18kt gold hallmarked organic fringe setting.

Check out our earrings page for more delicious earrings, like this pair of beautiful diamond and lapis studsin 14 karat yellow gold.

The two lapis lazulis are 7.93 carats, with twenty-six round brilliant cut diamonds at 0.45 carats: VS -SI clarity: H-I colour.

Georgian Sterling Silver Hallmarks - 2017-09-23

Find Out How To Identify A Beautiful Georgian Sterling Silver Piece From Their Hallmarks.

It is easy to identify a beautiful Georgian piece, we discussed Georgian jewellery and how to take care of it in a previous blog. Georgian silver pieces are often hallmarked, this was a constant practice by all silversmiths and manufacturers to assure the quality of the fabrication, guaranteeing that the sterling grade was 92.5% silver. Sterling silver is a popular gift item for any occasion, check out our collection of sterling silver itemssterling silver flatware, and sterling silver flatware online.

There are five types of marks which are present on English sterling silver:

A Date Mark

A date mark depicts the year a piece was tested. A letter of the alphabet is used, this letter is assigned to a year – acute attention should be paid as letters were used in both lowercase and capital form as well as in different shapes of punches, fonts and backgrounds. (a) in the zoomed photo of the Sterling Silver Salver shows the datemark.



Georgian Sterling Silver Salver, London, 1777, Robert James & John Schofield, mark registered 1776

A Makers Mark



The silversmith has a mark that was derived from the creator’s initials, this is the maker’s mark.

Georgian Silver Goblet, London 1811, Samuel Hennell, mark registered 1811

A Duty Mark

The duty mark is related to tax, George the third applied a silver tax in 1784 during the time of the American War of Independence. A duty mark can be found on pieces from 1784-1890. The duty mark displays the mark of the ruling sovereign and insured the buyer that there was tax paid on the piece.



Antique Georgian sterling silver wine funnel.  Hallmarked London 1819,  made by Charles Fox, of 139 Old Street, Goswell Street, London UK. 183.4 g
6 1/2" long by 4 1/8" diameter at the base.

Town Mark

The town mark sometimes referred to as the assay office shows the location where the silver was tested for its quality.

In the Georgian era silver was assayed at London, Birmingham, Chester, Dublin, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, New Castle, Sheffield, Tory. Today offices are still operating from London, Birmingham, Dublin, Edinburgh, and Sheffield.

Assay Mark

The assay mark, a “lion passant”, confirms that the item has met the qualifications of sterling silver standard.



(Items not online, below is the description. Please contact us for more info.)

Pristine Georgian Sterling Silver 5 piece table garniture set. English hallmarks stamped for London in 1812. Created by Silversmith John Houle.

Priced at $29000

Please browse our site and our shop for Cynthia Findlay Antique’s great selection of Georgian silver jewellery and items

How To Clean Antique Vintage Jewellery & Engagement Rings - 2017-09-02

Care and Cleaning Tips For Your Open Backed Antique Vintage Jewellery & Engagement Ring!

Care Kit Checklist:

- mild liquid soap ( if you can find salt free, that is best)

- ammonia based jewellery or window cleaner  diamonds, sapphires, and rubies only

- small brush with soft bristles

- water

- bowl 

- lint-free soft fabric or clean eyeglass cloth

How to:

1.       Place the antique jewellery item in warm water or the ammonia based window cleaner in a bowl. Be wary of using sinks, make sure all drains are closed!

2.       While holding the antique jewellery over the bowl use the soft bristled brush, soap or cleaner to gently brush all crevices and underneath. Repeat this after rinsing if necessary.

3.       Soak your antique jewellery overnight if it is coated with dirt, then follow step two.

4.       Rinse the antique jewellery while holding it over the bowl with warm water, this will prevent losing any loose stones

5.       Dry your antique jewellery on a soft, lint free cloth or clean eyeglass cloth. Make sure to inspect the item once it is dry.

When in doubt, please contact Cynthia Findlay Antiques. Other titbits on cleaning your jewellery:

i)        Ultrasonic cleaners should not be used on any vintage or antique jewellery

ii)       Liquids should never be used on sensitive materials like hair, photographs or portrait miniatures – often these are found in vintage, antique lockets. Instead just use a cloth.

iii)      Opals, pearls, turquoise are common porous and soft gems which should only be cleaned with water and a mild liquid soap. Never soak overnight, and only immerse in liquids for a few minutes. It is important to rinse well before drying your antique opal, pearl or turquoise jewellery.

Thinking About Georgian Jewellery & How to Take Care Of It? - 2017-08-24

About Georgian jewellery & How to take care of closed backed pieces

The Georgian period persisted from 1714 to 1837, it saw the rule of five different English Kings. Georgian Jewellery is very distinguishable, and very difficult to come by.  Jewellers of the time usually set gemstones in closed back settings, and they are also known for the ornate metal work. Georgian jewellery is truly a work of art; flower, crescent, foliage, ribbons and bows were common motifs. 

One of our clients recently purchased a stunning Georgian Ring. To own a piece of Georgian Jewellery is truly like owning a piece of history, and lots of care must go into it.


This ring has a closed back where you can only see metal and are unable to see the back of the gemstones, in this case diamonds. It is a common design of Georgian Jewellers who used foiling, backing the setting with foil, to magnify the light reflection of the diamonds. Georgian jewellery must never be on your hands while in contact with water, it should never be placed in liquids. This is to prevent moisture from getting in-between the stone and mount which will spoil the foiling and the colour. Caution should be taken when wearing Georgian jewellery in rain. Instead of using water on old pieces, gold and silver treated cloths are best to use. The cloths found with eyeglasses can also be used to remove dirt and grease.

Georgian_Diamond_Ring_2 Georgian_Diamond_Ring_3

When storing Georgian jewellery, we recommend that is be stored in a soft fabric and individually so not to rub against other pieces. A dry humid-free storage area is best, but refrain from air tight plastic bags or boxes for lengthy storage times. Just like any work of art, we know that your Georgian Jewellery can last from generation to generation. Georgian Jewellery worn frequently should be checked every year by a jeweller to ensure that any loose diamonds are secured. Contact Us at Cynthia Findlay Antiques to happily to assist you with this.

Top 5 Antique & Vintage Cottage Decorating Tips - 2017-08-10

Antique & Vintage Cottage Interior Decorating Ideas, Brighten Up your Summer Abode

It was a delight to be featured in Style At Home's Cottage Style edition this summer.

See the Top 5 Decorating Tips Below!


Orange Glass Vase: 325$
Bird Figurine: 95$
GW Alior Round Teal Indian Pot: 95$
Green Ducal English Pitcher: 295$
Turquoise Floral Victorian Vase: $450
Turquoise and Green West German Vase: 55$
Van Briggle Candlesticks 195$
White double handled vase:295$


We were very inspired by the decorating trends in this issue. So many great tips on decorating your cottage.

Here is a list of the top 5 cottage style decorating tips from Style at Home!

1.       “Embrace flower power, find a charming way to store fresh-cut flowers like using ceramic pitchers stacked on top of books”

2.       “Be bold with the mix, combine antique and contemporary pieces to create a room that looks effortlessly put together”

3.       “Look into Nature, take inspiration from organic shapes and textures in artwork, fabrics and accessories.”

4.       “Make setting the table a breeze, let guests help by keeping utensils and napkins in easy-to-access vintage containers”

5.       “Decorate in dynamic duos, pick strong colour combos to make every vignette in the room pop”



1. Center: Shorter and Sons English pitcher 265$

Left Vase : Bursley Ware Charlotte Read England 495$

Right Vase: Burslem England 395$



2. Left: Green Opaline vase 495$

Center: Wedgwood 195$

Right: Bronze sculpture Al Green 595$



3. Right: West German Vase 425$

Back: Mahogany and curly maple games board 1940 495$

Left: Vintage handmade Quilt 295$

Front: Vintage woven basket 75$



4. Top Left Shelf: Primrose plate container 125$ 

Top Right Shelf: Coalport vase 195$

Pewter Plate bottom row: 195$, 295$, 195$

Williams Adams vase 125$

Small ceramic cup 65$

Pewter English cup 1900 65$



5. Front left: Royal Cauldon Circa 1930 95$

Swedish Art Glass: 995$

Moorcroft "Reeds at Sunset" $1895 Circa 1980


Please Contact Us for more information.


Antique & Vintage Animal Gift Ideas - 2017-08-05

For The Inner Animal - Great Antique & Vintage Animal Gifts

Searching for antique or vitnage gift ideas for the animal lover in your life? Cynthia Findlay's has an astonishing assortment of treasures to please even the pickiest pet parents.

They greet you at the door with a sloppy grin, take you out for your daily exercise and love you unconditionally; how could you not love dogs back?  Here are a few ideas for Dog Lovers:

Antique & Vintage Dog Bookends

For the intellectual guard dog.

Antique & Vintage Dog Collectibles

Keep a perfect miniature of your best friend on any shelf or at the office.

Vintage Dog Inkwells

Speaking of the office, this little pup makes for a truly unique desk topper. His head opens to allows access to the ink but this well could be easily used to store office knickknacks.

Whether prowling through the jungle or pouncing on those dangerous dust bunnies cats come in all shapes and sizes. Find the purr-fect gift ideas for Cat Lovers:

Antique & Vintage Pendants and Earrings

This ferocious Vintage tiger locket is absolutely stunning.

If you were on the hunt for Panthers these Cartier inspired earrings are sure to work!

Antique Baby Rattles

This antique sterling and mother of pearl rattle makes a perfect gift for the newest addition to your pride.

Was Tweety bird your favourite cartoon character? If so you might be a Bird-Lover.  Here are a few of our favourite ideas for aviary fans:

Vintage Bird Sculptures

This exquisite Vintage Earthenware Harlander sculpture is just one example of a flock of majestic aviary statues.

Vintage Bird cages 

A Vintage cage makes for a lovely decoration both indoors and outdoors. This uniquely shaped mid century beauty was once home to a lucky bird or two.

Antique, Vintage & Estate Intaglios

This carved agate intaglio ring features a bird perched regally atop a coat of arms. 

Prancing. Trotting. Galloping. Loving. Horses. Some great gifting ideas for Equestrians and Horse-Lovers:

Vintage compacts

This Stratton compacts boasts a beautiful image of a regal mare.

Antique & Vintage Racing Statues

Renee Williams captured in bronze the moment of victory for a horse and jockey.  The muscles seem to jump off the marble base and race through time from its original depiction in 1977.

Antique & Vintage Cufflinks

These double head horse cufflinks set with sapphires and diamonds are sure to take any suit to the next level. 

Antique & Vintage Horseshoe jewellery

A perfect good luck charm. While horseshoe Jewelery comes in many shapes and sizes at Cynthia Findlays we are particularly enamored with this stunning Edwardian piece boasting European cut diamonds.

All these and many more treasures for the 'inner animal' can be found at our shop on King Street West or by Clicking Here.

American Gods Props Rentals - 2017-07-22

American Gods Vintage and Antique Props Rentals

(Warning, possible spoiler alert!)

This year's exciting new Spring tv sensation is 'American Gods' premiering on Starz (Amazon Prime Video in Canada). The television adaptation of Neil Gaiman's successful novel 'American Gods' (2001) explodes off the screen with action, intrigue and a wonderfully modern twist on mythology.  The Old World Gods and the New Gods of Technology and Media war for their place in modern America.

The main storyline follows Shadow Moon who is released from prison three days early to attend his wife's funeral.  Ian McShane enters the scene as the compelling Mr. Wednesday (Norse God Odin) and in a chance encounter draws Shadow Moon into the war of the Gods as his new personal bodyguard.  Each episode begins with a historical fiction of a different Old World God's 'Coming to America story'.  These Gods arrive powerfully and dramatically through the prayers and spilled blood of their believers.  Intense historical vignettes bring political issues to the forefront while also rooting the Gods of the Old World in the mythologies and faiths from which they came.

The reviews of 'American Gods' are absolutely glowing, as is the feedback from Cynthia Findlay Antiques employees who had a chance to work alongside Props and Set departments to discover, buy and rent several store items to the filming of the show.  As a big fan of Neil Gaiman's novel one employee remarked on the 'impeccable attention to details and the quality of the props choices made by the designers'.  Details can define or destroy an adaptation and the crew of 'American Gods' did an absolutely terrific job in capturing the essence of the book in both physical objects and onscreen portrayals.

There are several items that Props and Set have rented from Cynthia Findlay's Antiques that are still available for sale in store.  Some of our favorites are:

This handsome Bronze Dog Satue.

Bronze Study of a Dog

A pair of Stately Bronze Urns.

French Bronze Urns-Aesthetic Movement

This perfect combination of Antique Masculinity and Delicate details on this Antique mounted, gilded horn cup.

Antique Ornate Gilt Metal Mounted Presentation Horn Cup

History comes alive in the Unique lines of this Pineapple shape silver plate Coffee and Tea Service circa the 1860s.

Late Victorian Pineapple Shape Five Piece Tea and Coffee Set Plate on Nickel A. G. Co. and Victorian English Silver Plate Tea Tray Plate on Nickel C.1890-1900

Wonderfully detailed English Silver plate tea tray.

Victorian English Silver Plate Tea Tray Plate on Nickel C.1890-1900

Click Here and keep an eye out as the online list is expanded and updated to find your favorite pieces from a terrifically enthralling show!

Cynthia Findlay's Antiques enjoys working alongside designers and crews to provide prop rentals and sales for magazines, television series and films in Toronto. Our staff will work alongside you to help bring your vision to life, onscreen and off.

How To Find 'The Ring' For 'The One' - 2017-07-07

You've found 'the One' and now it's time to find 'the Ring'.  As you begin engagement ring shopping it's easy to become overwhelmed by the vast array of choices.  Instead of going to a jewelry store in a mall full of hustling people and searching for the latest- and likely most expensive- rings, why not consider purchasing a vintage ring?  Antique and Vintage rings have timeless and classic looks, and in many cases are more affordable than similar modern rings.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose a vintage engagement ring:

Craftsmanship:  One of the hallmarks of vintage rings is their exceptional craftsmanship.  From first look it's easy to see the time and care that a highly skilled jeweler spent crafting a vintage or antique ring.  To commission a ring today with the same level of skill and quality as an Edwardian, Vintage or Art Deco ring would cost much more than finding the perfect piece that has already been lovingly created.

Uniqueness:  The engagement ring that you purchase should be a show-stopping, one of a kind piece that stands out from the crowd as much as the woman who will wear it.  There's no better way to ensure her ring is unique than to purchase an antique engagement ring.  The age of these rings and the likelihood that they were in fact handcrafted means that you'll very rarely see two identical rings. 

Symbolism:  An engagement ring is a symbol of a commitment that will last forever, and a sign that the marriage you are proposing will be timeless.  What better way to symbolize this enduring bond of love than with a timeless piece of jewellery? A vintage engagement ring shows the world that you have a love that transcends time and -like vintage jewellery- will never go out of style.

The Loonie Is How Old? - 2017-06-30

On the day before Canada's 150th Birthday we celebrate the Birthday of another Canadian icon: the Loonie. June 30th, 2017 marks the 30th year since the Loonie entered circulation in 1987.

This iconic, brass plated steel coin was introduced to phase out the dollar bill in Canada and became affectionately known as the Loonie because of The design of the Common Loon that it features. The name 'Loonie' was so popular that the Canadian Mint legally secured rights to the name in 2006.

The Loon has become a Canadian symbol thanks to the design by Robert Ralph Carmichael, but the dollar almost displayed a very different image. The original design for the Loonie featured a French explorer and an Indigenous man in a canoe. On the way to production the plates disappeared and out of fear of counterfeiting a new design was chosen for the Canadian dollar coin.

The Loon is a majestic water bird that mainly lives in Northern Canada and Northerly parts of the United States. These black and white beauties are diving birds that live off fish and crustaceans. The Loon's sight aids in their underwater hunting so they prefer to live on clear lakes such as in the Muskokas. The beautiful, plaintive cry of the Loon can often be heard echoing across lakes in Canada's cottage country.

Loons have often been seen as a romantic bird because they take a single partner to mate with, co-incubate their eggs and both parents take responsibility for the 1-2 chicks born each season. If a female loon loses her mate she may eventually take another partner during her up to 30 year lifespan.

A majestic and noble symbol of the Canadian North, the Loon can be found in many collectible ways in addition to the Loonie. Carved wooden loons are popular choices for the cottage chic look. Loon paintings make a lovely addition to the Canadian household. To shop our selection of Vintage Loon themed items come by our storefront at 284 King St W.

Happy 30th Birthday Loonie! And a Happy 150th Birthday to you Canada!

For some other Great Canadian ideas check out our Canadian Collection by clicking here.

Uma Therman's Stunning 19th Century Amethyst Rivière Necklace - 2017-06-21

In honor of Uma Therman's stunning 19th Century Amethyst Rivière necklace that sparkled on the red carpet of the 71st Annual Tony Awards on June 11th we decided to take a look at this timeless necklace style.

Wondering what a rivière is? The Rivière necklace received it's name from the French word for River, because the faceted gems of this necklace flow gracefully around the neck of the wearer.  Stones in a Rivière necklace are individually set and often graduating in size.  Rivière necklaces are typically shorter fitting necklaces ranging from 14-16 inches in length.  When the Rivière style was first developed in the Late 17th-Early 18th century the stones were set with closed backs, as the style became more popular this was adapted to open settings to allow more light and enhance the smoothly flowing, shining river effect.  Stones set in a Rivière necklace are the same shape and the same size (unless there is a slight graduation to the center of the necklace), and on some of the more ornate examples a pendant hangs in the center.

The rivière is a timeless setting that has been popular long after the Georgian period of its invention, and Uma Therman's outfit Sunday is a great example of how the Riviere's classic lines dazzle and enchant even as part of modern outfits.  We were inspired to capture images of some of our favorite Rivière necklaces from the Cynthia Findlay collection.

For more info please contact us and refrence the product numbers on the picturers. 

Happy Father's Day Shopping - 2017-06-10

With Father's Day around the corner we thought it would be fun to find 10 interesting facts about this holiday celebrating the wonderful men in our lives! We've also found a few fun fact based gift ideas to inspire you in your Father's Day shopping.

1 - Father's Day is currently celebrated in over 50 countries around the World.  

For the Globe-trotter in your life you'll find a terrific selection of globes and maps in store.

Antique and vintage maps

2 - Father's Day was Invented in 1910 by Sonora Dodd of Spokane Washington in honour of her father who raised his children as a single parent.  Dodd chose June 19th in honour of her father's birthday. 

3 - According to Hallmark, Father's Day is the 4th largest card holiday of the year, selling over 74 million cards annually.  

Why not try a different take on the traditional card? Business card holders are a snazzy and unique Father's Day gift.

Cigarette Cases That Work as Business Card Holders

4 - Among those giving cards and gifts on Father's Day, 20% of purchasers are wives buying for their husbands.

gold cigar bands

Men's rings:

5 - Male sea horses carry the babies of their female counterparts.  

6 - Father's Day wasn't declared a legal Holiday until 1972 when Nixon officially signed off on Father's Day.  Although it was widely recognized on the third Sunday in June before 1972.

For signing off on important decisions we recommend a lovely desk pen set.


7 - In Germany the day is celebrated by fathers drinking in beer gardens and going on hikes with other dads, dragging wooden sleds filled with beer.


8 - The oldest first time father was Ramjit Raghar whose firstborn daughter was born after his 94th birthday.

If your 94 year old father figure is moving a little slower than Ramjit he might appreciate a handsome wooden cane for Father's Day.

antique and vintage canes

9 - The necktie is the most popular Father's Day gift to date!

 A fashionable add on to this Father's Day classic is a handsome tie clip/tie bar.

10 - In a 2015 survey it was found that 1 in 10 stay at home parents were fathers.  As women become more active at work men are stepping up to the role of primary caregiver.

Wishing the Happiest of Father's Days to all the important men in our lives. Please Click Here To Shop Our Father's Day Gift Guide.

Winston Churchill Recently Discovered - 2017-06-03

An active Winston Churchill enthusiast came to Toronto for a Chuchill association dinner and discovered Cynthia Findlay's Antiques.

He couldn't help but fall in love with a figure of Winston Churchill in Bulldog form by Royal Doulton.  The whimsical Royal Doulton

bulldog figurine featured a top hat and Churchill's signature navy and white polka dot bow tie.  This tough character also held a cigar

between his teeth to emulate the tenacious former British Prime Minister.

Winston Churchill in Bulldog form by Royal Doulton

Churchill was considered a Bulldog and many of these desktop figurines were made in his image.  They became even more popular

when they made their way into the James Bond film franchise as desktop ornaments on M's desk beginning in the 1940s.  The 007

version named 'Jack' sported variations of the Union Jack flag on his back and represented England.

A specialty version was recently created with extra 'damage' as a tongue in cheek joke after (spoiler alert) the MI6 headquarters were

destroyed in 'Spectre'.

Although the top hat sporting bulldog has gone to a new home you can still find several versions of the Churchhill and Union Jack Bulldogs

from Royal Doulton in store at 284 King St. W. by clicking here.

Victorian Acrostic Rings - 2017-05-27

Find out about Victorian Acrostic Rings here!

Codes, puzzles, secret messages, personalized jewellery... We've become obsessed with the idea of wearing

and sending personalized messages, inside jokes and 'text speak'.

What you may not know is that this idea of hidden messages in jewellery actually has a history dating back to

the end of the Georgian and beginning of the Victorian period.  Jewellers used the first letter of gemstones to

create words, commemorate important dates and share inside jokes between the giver and receiver of these

rings.  These were called Victorian Acrostics. 

Regard Ring

The unique combination of gemstones became so popular during the Victorian era that people began to recognize

and attempt to read one another's ring messages.  The most popular rings spelled out 'adore', 'regard' and 'dearest'.

The first ring in this style was created by Jean Baptiste Mellerio for Marie Antoinette whose ring spelt out j'adore.

Another notable figure, Napolean Bonaparte, decked both himself and his wives in rings that used this system to

commemorate import dates and events in his life.  

Versions of this code were created with stones on different rings for stacking, on bracelets so that longer words

could be written and on brooches.

Regard Ring

Come in to Cynthia Findlay Antiques to see our collection of Victorian Dearest and Regard rings, or to see us about having

your own message made into jewellery for someone special.  Don't you just Lapus - Opal - Variscite - Emerald that idea?

Happy Mother's Day - 2017-05-11

Mother. Mom. Mammy. Ahm. Majke. Ma. Matre. Mutter. Maman. Mommy.

Regardless of how you address 'Mother', every translation means Love. This Mother's Day give the mom in your life a gift that she'll truly love,

something as individual and rare as she is. We've made it easy for you with the mothers day guide. 

Our favourite suggestions:

Sterling hand mirrors. Lovely on top of a dressing table, a sentimental reminder of her own mother or as a reflection of her inner and outer beauty.

Sterling and crystal containers. Perfect for her vanity table or bathroom these containers can be filled with jewellery, makeup or scent essentials. 

As an added bonus why not pick up a piece that's already monogrammed with an 'M' for 'Mom'.

Jewellery.  One can never have enough jewellery.  We've picked out a few favorites that are unique and stunning, but won't break the bank.

Your mom will love these eternity bands.

Compacts.  Purse sized daily reminders that her family loves her.

Sterling tea strainers.  Who doesn't enjoy the idea of tea and cookies with mom or grandma? Make tea time into a fancy party with a beautifully

engraved vintage tea strainer. View full tea sets here.

For all the Mothers, Grandmothers, Stepmothers, Aunts and Motherly figures in our lives: Happy Mother's Day. Thank you for your love and support. 

We appreciate you today and always.

Gatsby, Revived – Art Deco Rings - 2017-04-09

What's Shopping For Art Deco Rings Like?

Shopping for Art Deco Rings is like dipping a finger into The Roaring Twenties or

even into the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald. These Art Deco rings are unique and

the epitome of luxury jewellery - they feature geometric designs with fine details.

The beautiful aesthetic of this art movement is fueled by a demand for glamour;

if there is joie de vivre, there must be Art Deco. Art Deco jewelry represents a hunger

for fashion, style and life. In more recent years it has gained popularity in the celebrity

world of engagements, both Pippa Middleton and Scarlett Johansson wear Art Deco

rings as a symbol of their found love.


These Five Art Deco Rings Are Just Some of The Glamorous Styles

1. Art Deco Ring Brilliant Cut Diamond


“True love is like this ring; it is rare, beautiful and will last forever”

This stunning Art Deco ring is a platinum mill grain with 1 round brilliant

cut diamond, est. 3.37 ct. (clarity: VS1 & colour: J); 2 baguette cut

diamonds, est. 0.16ct. (Clarity: VVS & colour: E-F) and 22 old mine cut

diamonds, est. 0.45ct. (clarity:VS-I1 & colour: F-G)


2. Art Deco Ring Emerald Cut Diamond.


“Large is intimate”

A gorgeous Art Deco ring is a custom vintage ring is made of

platinum, featuring 1 bezel-set emerald cut diamond, est. 1.83

ct (clarity VVS1 – colour E-F); 2 bezel-set square cut diamonds,

est. 0.55ct (clarity VVS – colour F-G) and 56 bead-set round

brilliant cut diamonds, est. 0.75 ct.(Clarity VS-SI1 – colour G-H)


3. Art Deco Opal Diamond Sapphire Ring.


“To be simultaneously enchanted and repelled by inexhaustible

variety” A unique Art Deco ring with 1 oval cabochon deep intense

indigo blue opal, approximately 3.37ct; 14 old European cut diamonds

estimated 0.44ct ( clarity: VS-SI & G-H colour) and 4 straight baguette

synthetic deep blue sapphire, est 0.36ct.


4. Art Deco Diamond and Emerald Ring


“To win over the object of your affection”

This luxurious Art Deco ring in a platinum mill grain is available to be viewed 

in stores upon appointment. This art deco ring features 1 old square modified

brilliant cut diamond, est. 1.56ct (clarity:SI1 & H colour); 4 baguette cut 

and 6 square baguette cut diamonds, est. 0.36ct (clarity: VVS-VS & G-H

colour) and 16 square mixed cut medium dark green emeralds, est. 0.65ct.


5. Art Deco 4.02ct Ring


“A masterpiece”

This very sought after art deco ring is a platinum mill grain,

engraved and filigree ring that houses an incredible old

European cut diamond est. 4.02ct (clarity: SI1 & J colour).

This ring is available to be seen by appointment.

To see more Art Deco Rings please click here.

Antique & Vintage Aquamarine Jewelry - 2017-03-16

Channeling March with Antique & Vintage Aquamarine Jewelry

The name aquamarine finds its origins from the Latin for seawater. Antique and vintage aquamarine jewelry is sought after as the birthstone of March and is said to bring more happiness to a marriage – it is also the gem of the 19th wedding anniversary.

It comes from the Beryl family and according to the Gemological Institute of America, the mineral beryl gives the wearer protection against foes in battle or litigation. It’s an interesting allegory, the aquamarine is a delicate light blue and the crystal is transparent and reminds you of the whimsical sea, and not a gloomy battle field.

At Cynthia Findlay Antiques there is a wide selection of aquamarines; from antique aquamarine filigree pendants, to vintage aquamarine and diamond art deco rings, to vintage earrings, vintage bracelets and antique brooches.

The most unique pieces include this stunning platinum and 18kt necklace. It is a yellow gold necklace, featuring one oval facetted medium intense blue aquamarine, nine old European cut diamonds, and one hundred and fifteen rose cut diamonds. There are twelve creamy white cultured pearls and the platinum clasp is set with two diamonds. The four strands of cultured silvery rose pearls make up the rest of the piece which is sixteen inches in length.


This 1930’s art deco aquamarine brooch is also a superb example of the unique pieces held at Cynthia Findlay Antiques. It has a large 35.1 carat briolette cut aquamarine. It is a stunning light sky blue in colour and set in 18kt. The twenty-four single cut and four baguette cut diamonds which are 0.50 carats, and fourteen calibre cut synthetic sapphires, set off the colour and cut of the aquamarine.


The aquamarine can be cut into most shapes, but the popular fashions are emerald cuts, round and oval brilliants. It is the hardness of the gemstone and the beauty of its transparency that have made it popular with age-old sculptors, designers and artists. These Victorian earrings made of 18 karat yellow gold and a silver top have two briolette aquamarines and are accented with eight aquamarines of 3.05 carats and sixty diamonds at 0.25 carats.


Another stunning example of antique and vintage aquamarine jewelry is this pair of platinum and 14 Karat white gold wing like earrings with two heart-shaped aquamarines of 14.43 carats, surrounded by twenty four brilliant cut diamonds of 0.65 carats VS clarity.


One of the things Cynthia Findlay Antiques is known for is the wide selection of estate aquamarine rings, and this beautiful 18 karat white gold ring, circa 1940 houses a 24.1 carat aquamarine accented with twelve round brilliant, straight baguette and marquise brilliant cut diamonds of 1 carat and VS clarity.

Visit our antique and vintage aquamarine jewelry under the jewellery top category to view more unique aquamarine pieces or call into the shop for more information.

A Few Of Our Favorite Teacups and Saucer - 2017-02-08

A Winter Tea Party

'Brew me a cup for a winter's night. 

For the wind howls loud and the furies fight;

Spice it with love and stir it with care

And I'll toast our bright eyes,

My sweetheart fair' - Thomas Minna Antrim

Winter has descended and its icy grip can drive even the heartiest among us back inside to the warmth of a blanket, a fire and a steaming cup of tea.  Add to this cozy scenario a cheerful vintage cup and saucer set decorated in little flowers, or funky bright colors and suddenly winter doesn't seem so bad.  

Here are a couple of our favorite teacups and saucers to warm you up out of your winter blues:

Mid-Nineteenth-Century-French-Porcelain-Cup-and-Saucer Mid-Nineteenth-Century-Continental-Porcelain-Cup-and-Saucer Early-Twentieth-Century-K.P.M.-Porcelain-Cup-and-Saucer

Having tea for two, or a full winter tea party? Tea sets make any gathering into an event and brightens up the living or dining room.

If these images 'tea-sed' your imagination and tastebuds visit 284 King St W. where the friendly Cynthia Findlay's staff will happily help you create the perfect Winter tea party setting.

Or if you're unable to visit us in person please click here to shop our Antique & Vintage Coffee & Tea Time category where you find our lovely selection teacups and saucers.

Amethyst; the Reigning Birthstone of February - 2017-02-01

February Dawned, Cold and Bright In The Cool Amethyst Glow Of Winter Snowfall.

The stately Amethyst reigns as the birthstone of the shortest and coldest month of the year: February.  The Amethyst is a stunning purple descendant of the quartz line of gemstones and measures a 7 on the MOHs scale of hardness. Amethyst is thought to embody stability, peace and courage in it's wearer; providing strength and purpose during February's chill.

February pays tribute to St. Valentine- the patron saint of romantic love- who wore an amethyst ring carved with the image of a Cupid.  The Egyptians also used amethyst as a stone for carved intaglios, and lovers still find meaning and excitement in gifting jewelry featuring the deep purple hues of amethyst gemstones.

The amethyst is also the official gemstone for the 6th and 17th years of marriage, and makes a lovely and sentimental present for the love of your life.

Amethyst is also often called the 'sober stone'.  Greek people drank from amethyst goblets to prevent intoxication from wine.  This theory may stem from the legend of Amethyst, a young girl whom Diana turned to a pure clear stone to defend from the rage of Bacchus (God of intoxication).  When Bacchus saw what he had done he wept wine soaked tears of remorse and turned the stone of Amethyst a deep purple.  It's from this legend that Amethyst became known as a stone of patience and calm, a reminder to think through your actions.

In the Middle Ages the amethyst became the symbol of royalty because of its rich violet hues.  The most famous amethyst owned by the British crown is a set of brooches, earrings, necklace and a hair comb that was passed down by-and named after- Queen Victoria's mother, the Duchess of Kent.  The most commonly seen piece from the 'Kent amethyst' set is a brooch that the queen wears to flatter her purple outfits.

Capture the regal style with Victorian era, amethyst brooches, such as this beautiful one.

For a vast selection of February's dazzling birthstone in a rainbow of stunning amethyst shades and settings find us at 284 King St. W. In Toronto.


We look forward to your visit.

Antique & Vintage Garnet Jewellery - 2017-01-07

Garnet is January's birthstone, find out why garnets still continue to surprise and Dazzle!

Antique Fringe Garnet Necklace

In the frost and chill of winter January marks a month of New Beginning, and what better way to mark new beginnings than with a birthstone that has withstood the test of time but still continues to surprise and dazzle: the Garnet.  The Garnet is a stone of strength, loyalty, vigor and faithful love. If any of those qualities sound like the January baby in your life come in to Cynthia Findlay Antiques and we will help you select a very special antique or vintage garnet jewellery treasure.    

Curious to know more about January's birthstone?  The most common colour for Garnet is a deep red, however these gemstones can also be found in shades of orange, yellow, green, purple, brown, pink and (on very rare occasions) blue.

Modern Amethyst Garnet Diamond Drop Earrings Tsavorite Garnet and Diamond Ring

Garnet can be cut to showcase a high glasslike shine or can be found in a resinous, bead quality in longer necklaces or earrings.

Garnet rates a 6.5 - 7.5 on the MOHs scale of hardness.

The word 'Garnet' is claimed to descend from the Latin word 'Garanatus', meaning seed-like; as the garnet closely resembles the rich, juicy red seeds of a pomegranate.  It's from this resemblance to pomegranates that many of the most intriguing mythologies surrounding January's birthstone were born.

Victorian Garent Bracelet 

In Greek mythology Hades is said to have given a pomegranate to Persephone before she left him to ensure her speedy return.  A garnet given to your beloved is thought to hold the same power to help heal the bond of distance and ensure a safe and speedy return.  What a lovely sentiment an antique or vintage garnet bracelet or necklace would make in reminding the wearer to follow their heart back home to you after their travels.

Garnet Bracelet

Garnets have been called the 'women's stone' as their color and ties to the pomegranate are a reminder of the power and fertility of the female womb.  Many men wear garnet as well, and in fact the King of Saxony is said to have a Garnet weighing over 465 carats!

A Legendary stone, Garnet boasts a long and interesting history.

Garnet Leaf Motif Ring

One of the earliest discoveries of garnet was as a necklace in the grave of a young man from 3000 BC (the Bronze Age).  Egyptian pharaohs wore garnet both as decoration and as part of their ceremonial garb to symbolize their strength and endurance.  Plato had his portrait engraved on a garnet by a Roman engraver.  Stories say that the 'Barbarians' who took over the Western Roman Empire wore the Garnet stone to improve their strength and perseverance as warriors. Garnets have also enjoyed popularity in many different cultures and religions, and can be seen decorating Bohemian churches as well as in many religious texts.

Garnet held incredible popularity in Victorian jewelry during the 18th and 19th centuries, and many breathtaking Victorian necklaces, bracelets and earrings can be found here at Cynthia Findlay antiques.

Garnet is not only the stone of separated lovers, January birthdays and new beginnings, it is also the official gemstone for the second year of marriage. 

We invite you to give the gift of meaning and lore this January, in the form of a unique vintage or antique piece of Garnet jewelry from our collection.

Hosting and Toasting in the New Year - 2016-12-29

A Guide to Adding Sparkle to your New Years party with Vintage Crystal Stemware!

Before we Raise a glass to 2017 and toast the New Year it may be time to consider updating, replacing or adding toasting glasses for something with a bit more glam and sparkle. In fact maybe it's time to replace your entire bar

set with the sparkle and timelessness of a classic crystalware pattern paired with shining silver accents.

For displaying Crystal and to add a touch of class you should start with a stunning silver tray that brings your bar cart, sideboard or folding table to a new level of grace and elegance.  We suggest something with fascinating details and raised

edges; like this favorite:

The champagne will need somewhere to chill during the festivities; so an eye catching champagne bucket is definitely in order! Champagne buckets are a versatile accessory that can be used to showcase floral arrangements or other seasona decorations when not in use for chilling.

When it comes to champagne glasses themselves there are two main shapes from which to sip your New Years bubbles. You're probably familiar with the statuesque fluted champagne glass (stemmed or stemless). Flutes were designed to allow for champagne to maintain it's sparkle longer and to encourage bubbles to the surface of the glass to dance on your tongue with every sip. The elegance of cut Crystal fluted champagne glasses is preferred for dry and off dry champagne and prosecco.

The glass that gained popularity in the 'roaring twenties' with it's open top and delicately turned out edges is known as the Champagne Coupe.  The coupe or 'bowl' glass allows the flavors of the wine to develop more fully but also encourages the bubbles to escape faster so that they do not tickle your nose as you sip. Coupe glasses are often the favorite choice for sweet, full bodied sparkling wines.

Does your party have a signature cocktail or will your guests be enjoying? Whimsical or dignified cocktail shakers make serving a signature drink a breeze; and make you look good mixing it!

Need more crystalware than just champagne glasses?  Here at Cynthia Findlay Antiques we have all shapes and sizes of glasses a wide variety of styles to compliment your dream barware set. Click here to browse our selection.

For the gracious guest: any of these pieces would make for a stunning hostess present to thank your hosts for what is sure to be a wonderful and memorable evening.

Whatever your dream is for decorating your New Years Eve bash, you'll find unique and timeless pieces to suit your needs at Cynthia Findlay antiques.  When you raise a glass this New Years Eve, wow your friends and family with a stunning Classic barware set; and indulge responsibly.

May the New Year bring you Happiness, Friendship and Love!

Season's Giftings - 2016-12-20

Your Guide to Popular Vintage Gifts this Christmas

As the Snow glistens in the lanes and shoppers rush home with their treasures, you may find yourself stuck wondering what last minute treasures to get for the vintage lover on your list. At Cynthia Findlay's we've compiled a list of some of the most popular gifts this holiday season to help you in your quest.

1.   Sterling Wine Coasters. These beautifully crafted coasters not only protect your favorite holiday linens from wayward drips of wine, but also provide a beautiful base in which to dress up the wine bottle that cousin Eddie insists on bringing every year.


2.   Tea Strainers and Teacup/Saucer sets.  When the weather turns chilly we start to dream of curling up in the evening with a warm cup of tea and a movie or two on Netflix.  With the growing popularity of tea stores there has been a resurgence of delicious loose leaf tea available in North America.  Victorian silver tea strainers make a beautiful and functional gift for the tea lover in your life.

These delicate pieces perch on top of your cup while you pour hot water through the leaves and come with a stand to place them on after your tea has steeped.  This gift pairs perfectly with a unique footed teacup and saucer set, and makes every cup of tea into a celebration worthy of Downton Abbey.


3.   Crystal Decanters.  The Classy drinker in your family just 'de-cant' say no to displaying that special bottle of scotch or bourbon in a beautiful cut crystal decanter.  The art of shaping and cutting Crystal has slowly fallen away from the talented craftsmen of the past to the factory machines of today.  For that true 'Mad Man' feel displayed on a bar cart or nestled on a table among matching rocks glasses it's hard to beat a vintage Crystal decanter.


4.   Sterling Silver Pill Boxes.  These darling boxes can be used for so much more than just prescription medications and make for a stunning keepsake.  Delicate metalwork adorns the tops of these containers, making them perfect bathroom and bedroom decorations as well as charming storage boxes for small items.- Please visit our shop for a great selection!

5.   Vintage and Antique Jewelry. A true classic that will never steer you wrong is a beautiful piece of vintage or antique jewelry.  Whether you're hunting for rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets or brooches we've got you covered with a rainbow of stones in unique vintage and antique settings.  Remind that special someone that they are one of a kind with a piece of jewelry as unique and beautiful as they are.


Come on in to see us at Cynthia Findlay's and we'll help you to find that one of a kind treasure to surprise the vintage lover on your list!

Makeup, Pretty Vintage Plates, Sexy Antique Flatware & Deserts! - 2016-12-06

Check out how Dauphine Magazine featured some of our items in their latest issue.










Click here to visit there site

Fall Advertisements - 2016-10-27

As seen in Post City and Canadian Antiques & Vintage magazines this fall.

Canadian Antiques and Vintage Magazine October Ad

Post City Magazine November Ad

Canadian Antiques and Vintage Magazine November Ad

Sapphire, September's Birthstone - 2016-09-03

Shopping For a Special Piece of Antique, Vintage or Modern Sapphire

Jewellery This September?


Perhaps a Stunning Vintage Sapphire Ring, Estate Sapphire Earrings, an Art

Deco Sapphire Bracelet or a Lovely Antique Sapphire Necklace!


'Oh the summer night, has a smile of light, and she sits on a Sapphire throne' - Bryan Procter.

Sapphire September's birthstone is best known for its shades of blue as varied as the hues of

the sky, from cornflower blue to navy twilight.  The Sapphire is a proud member of the Corundum

family and takes its blue shades from iron or titanium.  These stones are the second toughest

gemstones around rating a 9 on the MOH scale, which is only behind diamonds.  This makes

them incredibly durable as well as exceptionally breathtaking.


Although blue is the most recognized colour of Sapphire many people are surprised to learn

that this versatile stone can be found in a vast assortment of colours such as yellow, purple,

orange or green.  The rainbow of Sapphires in shades other than blue are known as 'Fancy

Sapphires'.  Some sapphires even exhibit colour change tendencies in different lights.  The

Padparadscha is one of the rarest and most valuable of 'Fancy Sapphires' and was given its

name for the pinkish orange hue that it shares with the Sinhalese Lotus blossom.  Stunning

pink and yellow vintage sapphire rings have found their way into the hearts and homes of many

modern brides craving a refreshing, vibrant shade in antique engagement rings.

Vintage Inpired Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Star sapphire is the name given to cabochon (non facet) cut stones.  These stones in shades

from an ethereal pale blue to deep bluish purple seem to encapsulate the swirl and iridescence

of moonlight and star shine.  Star sapphires are thought to be a guiding stone for travelers and

seekers.  The vintage star sapphire makes a wonderful gift for the adventurer in your life, and a

reminder to eventually follow their stars home.

vintage star sapphire ring

Sapphires boast historical ties as far back as Ancient Rome where polished sapphires were worn

by nobility as protection from harm and envy.  Ancient Persians held the romantic belief that the

earth itself rested on a giant sapphire and that its reflection was what coloured the sky.  What a

great story for the next time a child asks why the sky is blue! Sapphires continued to be popular

in the Middle Ages, mostly with royalty and with clergymen as this gemstone was thought to

attract heavenly blessings, guard chastity and aid in promoting peace with one's enemies.


Royalty and Romance have long been closely tied to the rich, enticing blues of the sapphire.

Antique sapphire engagement rings were sported by Napoleon Bonaparte's Josephine, Princess

Diana and more recently Kate Middleton.  Antique sapphire betrothal rings were wildly popular in

the Victorian era, and only in the last 100 years have Diamonds surpassed sapphires as the stone

to say 'I do' to. Buying a vintage or antique sapphire ring with a romantic setting is a unique way to

gift the 'Something old' and 'Something Blue' item that will bring a bride luck on her wedding day.

Dismount from your white steed with a vintage sapphire ring and watch how quickly your princess

will swoon into your arms.  Isn't it about time for your own happily ever after to begin?

Antique and Vintage Sapphire and Diamond Earrings

Don't let the end of summer make you feel blue! Come in to Cynthia Findlay's Antiques to browse

a stunning selection of sparkling antique, vintage and modern sapphires; and find the perfect gift for

that September occasion, that special someone or even a treat for yourself!

Peridod, August's Birthstone - 2016-08-02

Shopping for Antique or Vintage Peridot Jewellery?

If you're shopping for a beautiful piece of antique or vintage peridot jewellery you will enjoy

this brief post on what makes peridot so saught after.

August in North America is a time of heat and sunlight. It seems only fitting that August's

birthstone was once known as the 'Gem of the Sun' for the glowing golden tones of its green.

Peridot is the gem variety of the mineral Olivine and this gorgeous, transparent stone can be

found in shades from Pistachio to Deep olive green. Peridot's hardness falls at a 6.5-7 on the

MOHs scale.


Peridot is a stone with a long and rich history. In Ancient Egypt the stone was discovered and

mined on the island of Zabargad in the Red Sea. Cleopatra draped herself in these gems, and it

is often argued that her vast collection of Emeralds were in fact Peridots. The Romans were

fascinated by the way this gemstone did not change colour in artificial light and dubbed it the

'Emerald of the Evening'. In Germany's Cologne Cathedral three 200 carat Peridot stones still

mark the shrine of the Three Holy Kings, to the delight of tourists. Napoleon gifted Josephine a

Peridot as a symbol of his undying love and admiration. Owners of vintage or antique peridot

find themselves in good company with a rich and interesting cast of characters.

The name Peridot claims its origins from several languages. From the Greek 'Peridona' it

translates as 'to give richness'. In Arabic the word for gem 'Faridat' is given credit as the root of

the word Peridot. In French the root of the word Peridot is the word 'Peritot' which means gold,

and may have reflected the golden tones of these green gems. Peridot has also been called

Chrysolite from the Greek for 'gold stone'.


This stone of lightness, beauty and spirituality also has an intriguing connection to the

extraterrestrial. While Peridot more regularly occurs in volcanic basalts and areas where lava

flows and molten rocks have disturbed the earth's crust it has also been found in several

meteorites that have crashed into the earth (Eastern Siberia in 1749 for one). Could the glow of

green peridot in meteorites be where the rumours of 'little green men' started?


The clarity of Peridot is excellent, and allows for beautiful, large accent pieces that sparkle on

the finger, the ear or the neck. New caches of high quality Peridots were located in Pakistan in

1990 and their quality is so excellent that they are often referred to as 'Kashmir Peridots'. Since

the nineties the peridot has enjoyed a steady popularity and is often featured in spring fashion

lines for its vibrant, golden-green tones.


Legends claim that a Peridot set in yellow gold will actually protect its wearer from the terrors of

the night. The invigorating tones of peridot pair beautifully with yellow gold in delicate antique

pendants and necklaces. Edwardian and Victorian pieces combine dainty details or seed pearls

with popular peridot in timeless elegance. Peridot pendants accentuate any neckline, proving

that some legends were made to be followed.

Searching for the perfect piece of antique or vintage peridot jewellery? Peruse an abundance of

beautiful Peridot pendants, earrings and rings at Cynthia Findlay Antiques.

Ruby, July's Birthstone - 2016-07-06

Find Out What Makes Rubies In Antique and Vintage Jewellery So Special!

In the sweltering red heat of July the colour Ruby is everywhere: in the sun soaked and freckled faces of people
spending days outdoors, in the ripe red of fresh raspberries and in the captivating birthstone of July that takes its
name from the Latin word for red: the Ruby.  These rare and enchanting gemstones glow with an inner fire in
natural shades from deep pink to Crimson.
Rubies are a close cousin to Sapphires and are from the Corundum family.  They owe their luxurious red hues to
the presence of the mineral chromium during their formation.  Shades that are too pale or too purple to be
recognized as rubies are identified as sapphires which means rubies claim the only true red hues in the family.
Rubies have a measured hardness of 9 on the MOH scale which puts them just under the diamond and means that
they are very difficult to scratch or chip.
Rubies were mined as early as 600AD in Burma (now Myanmar) and have since been found in mines all around the
globe. These rare gems were cherished as a stone filled with the fire and power of life because of the similarity in
their colour to the red of the blood that flows through our veins.  Early warriors wore rubies in their skin to make them
invincible and ferocious in battle.  Ever heard the expression 'Love is a battlefield'? Maybe decking ourselves in rubies
was the key to conquering love all along!
Rubies have long been praised as a stone of royalty.  The name for Ruby in Sanskrit roughly translates to 'king of
precious stones'.  Hindu writings claim that those who offer rubies to the temples of the gods will be reborn as emperors.
In Europe during the Middle Ages the royalty wore rubies as coronation rings to symbolize their wealth and power.
Knowing this rich history, giving a woman a Ruby becomes a way to tell that special someone that they are the Queen
of your heart.
These stones are coveted for not only their lovely shades from pink to deep red but also for their role as the gemstone
of passionate, unbridled love.  Their crimson shades promote thoughts of power, vitality and love soaked sensuality.
Giving a Ruby as an engagement ring is a strong and passionate statement of undying love, as well as a beautiful and
unique stone that she can proudly wear for all the long years of your happily ever after.
Is there a Fortieth Birthday or Anniversary on the horizon? The Ruby is the traditional gift for the fortieth year and a
testament to the many wonderful years you've spent with one another.  Drape your partner in sparkling red droplets of
love with a Vintage bracelet that honours a lifetime of joy and passion with a story of its own to complement yours.
Whether it's for a July or 40th birthday, a love struck proposal or a symbol of Love on your anniversary, the Ruby makes
a perfect gift.  For a beautiful selection of these glittering red gemstones visit or come in to the
store at 284 King St W.
Cynthia Findlay Antiques

Antique & Vintage Father's Day Gifts & Presents - 2016-06-10

Give your Dad the Gift of a Unique Vintage or Antique Present

Father's Day is almost upon us. That one day a year when we recognize and celebrate the men in our lives who helped to raise us.
The father in your life may be a Grandfather, an Uncle, a close family friend or even the father of your own children. He may have
coached your sports teams, cheered you on in your life endeavours, taught you to whistle, been your rock in hard times, taught you
the value of hard work, been your willing personal banker, or he may have been your hero. Fathers do so much for their children
(biological or not) and they deserve to be celebrated not just on the Third Sunday in June but every day.  
Now you're probably thinking 'Who can afford to celebrate their dad every day?'.  Buying a gift every day would not only wreak havoc
on your bank account it would also make the special into the mundane.  So now that we've narrowed celebrating our Dads back into
a single day and a single gift given the question arises: what do you buy for a Father's Day gift?  The perfect gift should be unique
and intriguing, or as steady and sturdy as the man of the hour. 
Is your Dad the hardworking businessman in the family? If he spends his days networking chances are he has a lot of business cards
in his pocket at any given time, but he could probably use a nicer place to store them than the worn old wallet in his back pocket.
Pulling out a stunning sterling silver or silver plated card holder may be just the touch of high class that makes your father stand out in
his new contact's mind.  As an added bonus with a card holder your father can kiss goodbye to the days of business cards with stains
or folded edges from poor storage.
For the quirky, mustachio'd fathers out there why not try something out of the box to keep that manly lip jacket dry while drinking?
Moustache cups date back to Victorian times and have built in moustache protectors near the rim of the cup for a perfectly dry
moustache with every sip of coffee, tea or even cappuccino.  
At the end of a long day providing for the household your dad may enjoy a cocktail or a good scotch as he relaxes with his family.
Whether your dad is a casual sipper or an unparalleled bartender who often ends up the life of the party, chances are he would
enjoy some nice bar accoutrements.  For the whiskey or scotch man some handsome rocks glasses or a stately cut crystal decanter
transform his favourite label into a decadent treat for display as well as for taste. If your father fancies himself as a Tom Cruise type
from the movie 'Cocktail' he would be extremely pleased to find himself in the possession of a fanciful vintage cocktail shaker or a
unique ice bucket.  For the wine aficionado vintage corkscrews are a whimsical and practical way to celebrate a great bottle of red or white.

Is there a special occasion on the horizon for your father? A special anniversary or the tear soaked giving away of his little girl at her
wedding? A perfect Father's Day gift that will carry meaning forward to each of these special occasions is a pair of unique cuff links.
Every time your dad 'suits up' he will be reminded how much you love him.  The selection of cuff links at Cynthia Findlay's is vast and
ranges from quirky to historical to gem studded elegance.  Pair those cuff links with a handsome, understated tie pin for a look that
makes snappy dressing an every day occurrence.
The Dad's in our lives deserve something special with a history as rich and interesting as their own.  If these gift giving ideas left you inspired
with thoughts of the World's best Dad or Grandad then come on by Cynthia Findlay's Antiques for an astonishing selection of unique 'Mantique'
presents.  And to all the Wonderful Dads out there: Happy Father's Day!

June Birthstones - 2016-06-09

Pearls, Alexandrite and Moonstone

June Birthstones

Sunny, warm June marks the beginning of Summer, and lucky June babies also recognize it as
the month of several Birthstones! Shimmering, iridescent Pearls share this month with the elusive
Alexandrite stone and the lesser claimed Moonstone.
Never heard of Alexandrite? You're not alone! This intriguing, rare stone is known as a colour
changing stone because it shifts from shades of blue green in daylight to deeper tones of red and
purple under incandescent light. The exact natural circumstances that must happen to create 
Alexandrite with its prized colour changing property are quite rare, so the stone is highly prized
and valued. While wildly popular during the Victorian era and with Russian Tsars Alexandrite 
is rarely found in modern jewelry because of the stone's scarcity.
                          Vintage Alexandrite Ring
Alexandrite was named for Tsar Alexander II of Russia when it was discovered in Russia in 1834
on the same day as the future Tsar's coming of Age. Alexandrite enjoyed a comeback in the 
1980s when new natural deposits were discovered, after which its popularity died down again due 
to the difficulty of procuring one of the rare stones. Because of Alexandrite's unique traits this 
stone is believed to inspire creativity, inspiration and imagination in its owner. Alexandrite makes
the perfect gift for the Artist in your life; with the same unique and ever changing dynamic energy
of an artist encapsulated in a single stone.
For Earthy June babies who are searching for an inner calm the shifting silvery tones of the
Moonstone mimic the ethereal moon itself and claim tranquil properties. Romans and Greeks
honoured the stone and associated it with their beloved Lunar Deities. The enchanting milky 
shades of light within moonstones appear to the eye to move and shift like clouds across a 
luminescent moon or the tides that naturally rise and fall in the pull of the same. Moonstones
enjoyed popularity during the Art Nouveau period as their natural, earthy feeling suited the tones
of the movement. Moonstones can be found in many natural colours, all of which claim different
healing properties. Dreamers and lovers can find a perfect match in a piece of Moonstone jewellery.
Vintage Moonstone Emerald Pearl Brooch
In 1916 the Pearl was declared the official birthstone of June, and has quickly outpaced Alexandrite
and Moonstone in popularity as a June gift ever since. Pearls have a long standing history dating
back to their earliest discovery in the Sarcophagus of a Persian Princess who was laid to rest in
520 BC.
Pearls are the only organic jewel created by a living creature. Mollusks react to an irritant inside 
their shell by coating it in layers of protective, iridescent Nacre until a Pearl is formed. The colour of
a Pearl mimics the shade of the inside of the shell from which it was created so pearls come in tones
of white, cream or champagne, and from soft grey to inky, iridescent black. Every Pearl is unique,
with no two identical stones in existence. What a darling way to tell that special someone that they
are one of a kind, and utterly irreplaceable in your life!
Vintage Pearl Necklace
Natural pearls are rare and were once very dangerous to dive for so the Pearl gained popularity as
the 'Queen of gems and the Gem of Queens' - anonymous. Methods for reliably farming pearls began
around 1916 and pearls became more accessible to consumers worldwide, sparking the movement
for women to drape themselves in 'ropes and ropes of pearls' - Coco Chanel. In cultured freshwater
and saltwater pearls a small 'bead' composed of shell or other material is placed inside the oyster or
mussel which becomes the Center of a Pearl.
Pearls have found their way into the necklaces we all know and love, as the accent or the centre in
rings and also into a variety of intriguing earrings. Droplets that demurely glow against the lobe of
your ear or dangle enticingly innocent at the nape of your neck, pearls are a perfect earring for any
occasion. Pearls are proper ladies and prefer to avoid the lavish scents, creams, and fragrant waters
that we often apply to our necks and hands. The pearl earring becomes the perfect location to display
and protect those radiant, classic pearls.
Vintage Pearl and Diamond Earrings
As written in People & Pearls: The Magic Endures; 'When a woman wears pearls, it is she who shines.
Pearls complement a woman in whatever she is doing. They become part of her, not something worn by
her'. Pearls are a timeless stone which have enjoyed a storied love affair with fashion, fame, and royalty;
but they can still gracefully take a backstage role to the beauty of the woman wearing them.
         Edwardian Pearl and Diamond Ring
Intrigued by the thought of this enchanting stone that symbolizes Friendship and loyalty? Or perhaps
you're dwelling on the thought of Artsy Alexandrite or Mystical Moonstones? Come on in to Cynthia 
Findlay's for a wonderful selection of June birthstones, and enjoy the lovely weather with the knowledge
of the perfect gift tucked away for that special June Event!


Graduation Gifts - 2016-06-03

Something Antique or Vintage for a Lovely 2016 Graduation Present

Time has flown, it's moved too fast and now your baby's classes are past.
Where did the time go?
June marks the end of the Educational journey of both Secondary and Post secondary students.
As your heart swells with pride and your eyes with tears over the upcoming graduation of
someone special you might also experience the confusion and pressure of finding the perfect
gift to mark the occasion. Fear not, Cynthia Findlay's has you covered with a unique selection of
timeless options just perfect for the New Graduate in your life!
Is your Grad off to conquer the business or writing world? Tired of the same old standard
graduation pen as a gift suggestion? Why not jump back in time to the beginnings of the formal
written word with a unique desktop Inkwell accessory? Antique and Vintage Inkwells are a
perfect feature for any desk that shows a maturity and a respect for the written word. Their trays
are also ideal for pens while various office accessories fit seamlessly in the ink pots (who says
historical pieces can't be modernized?).
Antique and Vintgae Inkwell
Maybe the student you're buying for would rather have a graduation gift that they can wear and
demonstrate the pearls of wisdom that they've picked up over their time in school. Give your
grad a gift with class (and no homework!), with a strand of Graduated Pearls. Although these
pearls may not have sat through lectures or pop quizzes to get their degree they are created
and perfected overtime in nature. Graduated pearls are carefully strung in a pleasing
arrangement that accentuates any neckline. A Princess length strand (17-19 inches) will leave
your graduate feeling like the belle of the ball and provide an air of sophistication that pairs with
any interview outfit!
vintage graduated double strand pearls
Marilyn Monroe famously said 'Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who
wishes for the world'. We look with pride on students who are wishing for the world and
reaching for the stars as they graduate, but sometimes the makeup helps to put a little colour in
those cheeks when life gets a little tough. Give your graduate the gift of a beautiful classic
compact, and the confidence to take on the world. These fun and intricate pieces can be filled
with a favourite makeup and the mirror inside offers a reminder to smile and be proud of all that
they have accomplished.
antique vintage gold enameled compact
Another timeless Graduation present that never goes out of style is the gift of a watch, in honour
of the time that has flown by. You've watched them grow and now it's time for them to make
their way into the world. Wristwatches are still a necessity in life and work; despite the clocks on
our cell phones, and there is a sense of purpose and maturity that comes from wearing a watch
that doesn't light up with digital numbers or pictures of cartoon characters. For an interesting
antique flare why not buy a pocket watch as a gift? You can have it engraved with an
inspirational message that will always be treasured.
Graduation is both the start and end of a journey. Celebrate this June not only for the
accomplishments that have been earned but also for the possibilities and the bright future that
lie ahead of your favourite student. Don't let the stress of choosing a present stand in the way of
the pride and the joy of Convocation; let the friendly staff at Cynthia Findlay's give you a hand
with that one of a kind present that you're searching for.

Emerald - Birthstone of May - 2016-05-10

A look at Emeralds in vintage and  antique rings & jewellery

"A Livelier Emerald Twinkles in the Grass" (Tennyson - Poet Laureate 1880-1892)
In true Tennyson fashion let's wax poetic about Emeralds, one of the rarest and most beautiful of gemstones, and the place
they've held in Vintage and Antique jewellery. (Not to mention their place in the hearts of modern brides!)
The Beryl species' most precious Gem is also the Birthstone of May, and with its lush green hues it captures all the natural
Spring shades of Green.  Emerald rings are historically tied to Ancient Greek and Roman goddesses of Love and passion.  
What woman wouldn't love a ring whose history places her among the likes of Venus or Aphrodite?
Not enough to convince you that a Vintage piece of Emerald jewellery makes a great gift for not only May birthdays, but also
for that special someone? 
Cleopatra started the trend of Famous Beautiful women decked out in Emerald jewelry in Ancient Egypt.  During the Victorian
Era (1835-1900) it became popular to wear your birthstone as the center stone of your engagement ring.  Before May "Two-Four"
became the 'official party holiday' it was officially a celebration of Queen Victoria's birthday.  As a May baby Queen Victoria happily
sported a particularly unique serpent and Emerald ring as her engagement band.  
Following in the footsteps of these Great Queens Elizabeth Taylor brought the rare and beautiful Emerald back to popularity during
the Golden Age of Hollywood. Emeralds boast a rich and unique backstory that is perfectly framed by a vintage setting carrying a
story of its own.
Vintage Emerald rings can be found in many cuts but one of the most popular ones takes its name from the stone itself: the Emerald
cut (pictured above). The Emerald cut was in fact created for the Emerald stone as the carved edges helped to strengthen the stone's
profile and durability by providing less exposed edges in the setting.  Because a stone's natural imperfections are more visible in this
cut Vintage Emerald cut Emeralds (yes that is the technical name!) were traditionally chosen for their clarity and tend towards higher
quality stones.
These beautiful green stones are made all the more interesting for their flaws. It is rare to find an Emerald without a natural inclusion
visible to the eye. These inclusions make the Emerald a more delicate stone less durable than Diamonds or Sapphires.  It's exactly
these flaws and temperaments that make Emeralds so Unique and valuable!
If this blog about Emeralds left you Green with envy, or inspired by thoughts of Love and loyalty symbolized in the form of a 'Lively
green' Vintage Emerald ring, come on down to Cynthia Findlay Antiques on King or shop online.  We've got a vast selection of
Antique, Vintage and jaw dropping Emerald rings and jewelley that makes a perfect gift for that Someone special!

Vintage Engagement Rings & Modern Brides - 2016-02-13

A Great Write Up In The Star About A Couples Cute Vintage Engagement Ring Story


For the full story please visit our press page by following this link.

The Holiday Table - 2015-11-27

Imagine A Gilded & Silver Charm This Holiday Season


Vintage Chinese Stoneware Figure

Height 17” (on base)




Vintage Wedgwood Ashford Grey Dinner Service

8  - 7 piece place settings and 10 serving pieces




Vintage Pair of Gilt Three-Light Candelabra

Height 9 ¾”

$795.00 (pair)



Vintage Set of 7 Champagne Flutes




Six-Bottle Silver Plate and Crystal Cruet Stand, Wilson Brothers, Sheffield, C.1890

$495.00 (as found)



Vintage Pair of Birks Gold Plated Sterling Silver Candlesticks

Height 5”

$695.00 (pair)



Vintage Octagonal Crystal Bowl

$495.00 (as found)



Vintage Large Silver Plated Squirrel, Italian

Height 15”




Vintage Crystal Covered Candy Dish

Height 16”




Vintage Pair of Crystal Two-Light Candelabra

Height 18 ½”

$1,495.00 (pair)



Vintage Pair of Silver Plate Pheasants

Length 12” and 13 ½”

$795.00 (pair)



Pair of Art Deco Louis Dage Vases, French, C.1920-30

Height 14”

$2,000.00 (pair)



Vintage Pair of Bohemian Crystal Vases with Gold Banding

Height 10”

$795.00 (pair)



Vintage Moser Crystal Water Jug, Lady Hamilton Pattern


We do have other pieces in this pattern. Please contact us for stock available.

The Elegance of Antique Bottle Coasters - 2015-11-27

For the Holiday Table


A)Sterling Silver Bottle Coaster, Nathan Hayes, Chester, 1906

Diameter 3” (rim interior)



B)Pair of George III Sterling Silver Bottle Coasters, Charles Aldridge and Henry Green, London, 1768 (729491)

Diameter 4” (rim interior)

$5,995.00 (pair)


C)Sterling Silver Bottle Coaster, Chester, 1898

Diameter 4 ¼” (rim interior)



D)Sterling Silver Bottle Coaster, Thomas, James & Nathaniel Creswick, Sheffield, C.1828

Diameter 5” (rim interior)



E)Pair of George III Sterling Silver Bottle Coasters

Diameter 5 ¼” (rim interior)

$7,200.00 (pair)


F)Vintage Sterling Silver Bottle Coaster

Diameter 5” (rim interior)

$595.00 (2 available)


G)Vintage Sterling Silver Bottle Coaster

Diameter 4” (rim interior)

$495.00 (3 available)


H)Pair of Sterling Silver Bottle Coasters, Wm. Allen III, London, C.1800

Diameter 5” (rim interior)



I)Vintage Sterling Silver Bottle Coaster, Barker Ellis Silver Co., Birmingham, 1972

Diameter 4 ¼” (rim interior)



J)Vintage Sterling Silver Bottle Coaster, Birmingham

Diameter 4” (rim interior)



K)Sterling Silver Bottle Coaster, Gorham, 1880

Diameter 4” (base)



L)Pair of Sterling Silver Bottle Coasters, Mauser Manufacturing Co., U.S.A, C.1890

Diameter 4 ¾” (rim interior)



M)Sterling Silver Bottle Coaster, Stokes & Ireland Ltd., Chester, 1914

Diameter 4 ¼” (rim interior)


Gift Ideas For Him - 2015-11-27

Discover these great gift ideas for him!

A)Vintage Vacheron Constantin A Genève Depuis 1755 Wood and Lacquer Watch Box, C1920



B)Vintage Sterling Silver Handled Double Jigger

6” x 4 ¼” (overall)



C)Vintage Carved Ivory Netsuke



D)Antique English Silver Plate and Leather Cased Glass Flask



E)Vintage Binoculars in Leather Case, Colmont FT Paris



F)Antique Sterling Silver and Glass Pepper Mill, London 1902



G)Victorian Reed and Barton Silver Plate Stilton Cheese Scoop, Renaissance (Multi-Motif) Pattern Pattern Registered 1886

Length 10 ¼”



H)Nineteenth-Century Silver Mounted Polished Horn Corkscrew



I)Vintage Northumbria Sterling Silver Handled Carving Set, Normandy Rose Pattern

$465.00 (carving set)

$125.00 (box only)


J)Vintage Leather Cased Travelling Toiletry Set, Comprising Three Bottles with Threaded Brass Covers and Original Box, C.1930s, in beautiful condition


Antique & Vintage Toast Racks For Holiday Baking - 2015-11-27

As seen in Canadian Living Holiday 2015 Issue

Vintage Silver Toast Racks

Antique & Vintage Toast Racks



Vintage Silver Plated Toast Rack, C.1920s - 1930s

Diameter 5 ¼” (widest)

Height 5 ¼”

$175.00 (condition noted; some wear to base)



Vintage Silver Plated Toast Rack, C.1920s

Length 5 ?”

Width 2 ?”

Height 4 ¾”




Mid-Nineteenth-Century Silver Plated Toast Rack

Length 9 ¼”

Width 3 ?”

Height 3 ½”




Antique Silver Plated TOAST Toast Rack, C.1900 - 1910

Length 6 ¼”

Width 3 ¾”

Height 5 ?”




Antique Silver Plated Toast Rack, C.1910

Length 4”

Width 2”

Height 3 ?”




Antique Silver Plated Toast Rack, C.1900

Length 7 ?”

Width 3 ¾”

Height 6 ?”


Gloria’s Custom Antique/Vintage Style Ring In Toronto - 2015-11-06

Gloria’s Custom Ring Story


One weekday night, shortly after her birthday, Gloria was watching theAntiques Roadshow on the PBS station,

WNEB Buffalo/Toronto, when she saw a beautiful Georgian ring. The ring was, as she says, “full of rubies.” Gloria

was memorized and fell in love. She had always wanted a ruby ring, as ruby is her birthstone, and having finally

found the design and style of ring with the rubies she dreamed of, she now knew exactly what she was looking for.


With the idea of giving herself a belated birthday present, the very next day, Gloria, in her words, headed to the

“one place she could think of that had such an array of rings,” Cynthia Findlay Antiques.


When she got to shop, she tried to describe the ring. She knew it had diamonds and rubies and that it was kind of

flat on top. Gloria looked at the rings in the cases but could not find what she was looking for. What she could tell

us was that she had just seen it the night before on theAntiques Roadshow.


Wanting to help, we knew that we needed to see what Gloria had seen so we took up the search for the ring by

following the trail back to theAntiques Roadshow. After a bit of searching on the internet, we found out that the

episode WNED had aired the night before was theBritish Antiques Roadshow, “British Museum,” Series 33,

Episode 8 (#3308). Next, we tried to watch the episode but could not access it. In a final attempt to find the ringwe

again typed in the name and episode of the show but this time checked under images, and there it was.We had

foundthe ring. Gloria was thrilled.


And although we did not have a ring exactly like the one on theBritishAntiques Roadshow, we could offer to

have one custom made. Gloria had never dreamed, as she says, “I hadn’t dreamed, never in a million years,

of having a ring made,” but that is just what she did.


Do you have a dream ring we can make for you?


Here is the ring Gloria saw on theBritish Antiques Roadshow, Series 33, Episode 8 (#3308).

Antiques Roadshow Ring

Here is a photo of the ring we made for Gloria.

Custom Made Antique Vintage Style Ring Toronto

Here are a few photos of Gloria wearing her ring.

Gloria wearing ring

Gloria wearing her custom ring

Toi et Moi (You & Me) Two-Stone Engagement Rings - 2015-10-24

Top Ten Ways to  Say Toi et Moi 


Senior Editor Tanya Dukes proposes toi et moi (you and me) two-stone engagement rings may one day rival the

ever popular halo engagement ring. Dukes reasons that in addition to the “symbolism,” two-stone engagement rings

can, “deliver the sparkle and generous size - even with two smaller stones - that contribute to the popularity of the halo”

(October 9, 2015).


Just as Napoléon did for Josephine and John for Jackie, let the brilliance and presence of these two-stone engagement

rings say toi et moi together forever always.


Top Ten Ways to Say Toi et Moi:



Toi et Moi Art Deco Ring

One toi et moi platinum art deco ring C.1925. One princess cut diamond (0.45 carats: VS1 clarity: F-G colour).

One sapphire (0.60 carats). The ring has hand engraved scroll design. 



One toi et moi 18 karat white gold Art Deco C.1925 pink sapphire ring with filigree work. Two pink sapphires (0.20 carats).

Twenty-two round brilliant cut pink sapphires (0.35 carats).



Vintage Emerald Toi et Moi Engagement Ring

One toi et moi 18 karat rose gold and silver top vintage ring C.1950. Two emeralds (0.48 carats). Sixteen round brilliant cut diamonds

(0.24 carats: SI clarity: K-M colour).



Toi et Moi Art Deco Inspired Diamond engagement Ring

One toi et moi Custom made Art Deco inspired platinum ring with 1 half-bezel-set emerald cut diamond, est. 1.05ct. (colour: G-H & clarity SI1);

1 half-bezel-set emerald cut emerald, est. 0.63ct (Colour: medium green & clarity:MI) and 6 channel-set, baguette cut diamonds, est. 0.90ct

(colour: G-H & clarity: V VS-SI)



Ruby and Pearl Edwardian Ring C. 1915

One toi et moi 14 karat white gold ruby and pearl Edwardian ring C.1915. One ruby (0.79 carats). One natural pearl.



Contemporary Toi et Moi Aquamarine Iolite and Diamond Ring

A stunning modern toi et moi custom made 18kt white gold ring, featuring 1 claw-set cushion cut medium intense blue aquamarine,

est. 3.42ct; 1 claw-set cushion cut medium intense purple iolite, est. 2.00ct and 22 claw-set round brilliant cut diamonds,

est. 0.18ct (clarity: I1 & G-H colour).



Toi et Moi Victorian Diamond Engagement Ring C.1890

A beautiful toi et moi Victorian platinum engagement ring, circa 1890,  with 2 old European cut diamonds, est. 0.68ct(clarity: VS-I1 

& F-G colour) and 8 single cut diamonds, est. 0.07ct (clarity: SI-I1 & G-H colour).



Toi et Moi Edwardian Engagement Ring

One toi et moi Edwardian platinum diamond ring, circa 1910. One old European cut diamond (0.66 ccarats: VS1 clarity: J-K colour).

One old European cut diamond (0.40 carats: SI1 clarity: H-I colour). Six single cut diamonds (0.06 carats: SI-I1 clarity: I-J colour).  



Vintage Diamond Toi et Moi Ring Old Mine Cut C.1920

Vintage platinum diamond toi et moi ring C.1920 with 2 claw-set, old mine cut diamonds, approx. 0.37ct. (colour: I-J & clarity: I1-I2) and 4 bead-set,

unfacetted cut diamonds, approx 0.02ct. (colour: I-J & clarity: I2)



Vintage Diamond Toi et Moi Ring

One vintage C.1920s toi et moi platinum diamond ring. Two old Euroepan cut diamonds (0.71 carats: I1 clarity: I-J colour).

Design Editor Joel Bray and DIY “Flocking” Styling Project - House & Home November 2015 - 2015-10-10

In this DIY project Joel shows readers how to applyflock (powdered fibres) to a vintage mirror

(page 114House & Home November 2015).

Joel Bray House & Home

Joel then stops by Cynthia Findlay Antiques  to pick out vintage and antique accent pieces for his newly

“flocked” mirror.

Joel Bray House & Home Selections

American White Ceramic Vase, C.1930s

Height 8 ¼”



Vintage French Green Glass Bon Bon Box

Height 4 ½”

Width 5”

Depth 3 ½”



Elkington Silver Plate Comport, dated 1892

Height 7 ?”

Diameter 8 ?”



Are you looking for vintage and antique accent pieces for a DIY project? We have 6000 square feet of fabulous antiques

and decorative objects and would be happy to help you with all your styling needs.


Cigar Band Ring Revival This Fall! - 2015-09-22

With a helpful eye on the upcoming season, Fashion Editor Tanya Dukes suggests we can expect

“cigar bands to make a major comeback” this fall.

Early Cigar Band Rings:

Similar in shape to the paper band of a cigar, the Late Victorian era cigar band ring was the new fashion of the day.

Victorian examples were often enriched with hand carved designs of repeating panels and or motifs.


Late Victorian  North American 10kt. Gold Cigar Band Ring engraved with repeating X and floral pattern

Size 8




Late Victorian Asymmetrical Scroll and Panel 10kt. Gold Cigar Band Ring (one panel engraved), J. R. Wood and Sons,

New York City, mark xxx with sideways w

Size 4




Late Victorian 10kt. Gold Cigar Band Ring with incised repeating eleven panel leaf and trellis pattern, J. R. Wood and

Sons, New York City, mark xxx with sideways w

Size 7




Late Victorian Aesthetic Movement Design Gold Cigar Band Ring with repeating floral and leaf keystone shape panels,

marked Solid Gold

Size 6



Antique and Vintage Cigar Band Rings:

Looking forward, we think the wide minimalist designs make gemstone cigar band style rings perfect for

an elegant yet distinct fabulous fall look.

Hannibal Props - Mads Mikkelsen & Gillian Anderson at Fan Expo Canada 2015 - 2015-09-03

After renting out many Hannibal props...

After working with the prop buyers and renting out many period pieces to the TV series Hannibal we are excited

that Mads Mikkelsenand Gillian Anderson are in town at Fan Expo Canada 2015,September 3 to 6, 2015. Located

in the heart of the Entertainment district, we are just two blocks away from the Metro Convention Centre and welcome

all Hannibal Fannibals to drop by for a visit.


Primal Design:

Get organized and empty your pockets Hannibal style with this Art Deco Tusk Handled Silver Plate Vide-Poche!

Art Deco Tusk Handled Silver Plate Vide-Poche



Art Deco Tusk Handled Silver Plate Vide-Poche, C.1930s

Length 11 ½”

Width 8” (overall)

Height 3 ½”



Click here for the amazing props we have rented to all three seasons of Hannibal that are still available for sale.

Antique Engagement Rings or Vintage Engagement Rings? - 2015-08-28

So What Really Is The Difference Between Antique and Vintage Engagement Rings?

The terms antique engagement rings and vintage engagement rings often get used and interpreted synonymously. 

Historically, an antique is something that is at least 100 years old, making any engagement ring from 1915 or earlier 

an antique engagement ring.The term vintage has recently been used to refer to costume jewellery and items pre-1970.

To some extent, vintage still means older costume jewellery, costume jewellery being jewellery made with cut glass or

crystal instead of gemstones and often set in sterling silver as opposed to gold and platinum. However, with the evolution

of language the terms antique and vintage tend to go hand in hand and are interchangeable in many peoples minds,

especially people under 40. When people use the terms interchangeably they are really just generalizing the older styles.


Knowledge of the eras that influenced design, such as, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, Art Deco and Retro can help 

you distinguish between the older styles because the features that characterize each period also characterize the look/style 

of engagement rings from that period. The feel is also important. Just like with design, the metal work, the types of gemstones 

and the way gems were cut can help to give you a clear idea of the time period the antique or vintage engagement ring was 

made. When possible we try to give the age of a piece of jewellery that is for sale in our shop, Antique Diamond Engagement 

Ring c.1890, for example. 


Finally, because the historical date that marks an item an antique keeps changing and because successive styles may overlap, 

it may not be easy or always critical to distinguish between antique and vintage items especially when the 100 year marker falls 

between successive periods. For example, to the untrained eye, the two engagement rings in the photos above appear quite 

similar in age and style. However, the ring on the left is an antique engagement ring from the Edwardian period c.1910 and the 

ring on the right is a vintage engagement ring from the Art Deco period c.1920/1930. As you can see, for the most parta millennial

shopperof today, particularly in 2015, could get away with calling either engagement ring antique or vintage.


For a complete list of our antique, vintage and modern engagement rings pleaseclick here. Stay tuned as we'll be writing about 

the new trend in antique inspired engagement rings and vintage inspired engagement rings soon.

Toronto's Best Jewellery Store - 2015-08-01

NOW's Readers Choice Nominees for Toronto's Best Jewellery Store

We are very pleased to be nominated for NOW's Readers Choice Toronto's Best Jewellery Store.

If you could please take a quick second to vote for us as Toronto's Best Jewellery Store by clicking the banner that would be awesome!

NOW's Readers Choice Nominees for Toronto's Best Jewellery Store

Thank you!!

Hannibal Collectors! - 2015-07-28

Props and Set Pieces used inHannibal:

The distinctiveHannibalstyle brings together signature pieces from several different periods

and compliment Hannibal’s rich and complex personality.

From the elaborate grandeur of this Victorian Sphinx Silver Plate Centrepiece . . .

Victorian Sphinx Silver Plate Centrepiece


Victorian Sphinx Silver Plate Centrepiece

Height 23 ½”

Width 24”

Depth 9”


To the regal intensity of Limoges’ Acid Etched and Cobalt Blue Dinner Service, C.1920 . . .

Limoges Acid Etched and Cobalt Blue Dinner Service


Limoges Acid Etched and Cobalt Blue Dinner Service, C.1920

12 Dinner Plates

11 Salad Plates 12 Bread and Butter

12 Cups and Saucers

12 Bouillon and Stands ( I stand with a chip on it)


To the cool clean aesthetic of this Art Deco Tea Set . . .

French Art Deco Silver Plated Four Piece Tea Set


French Art Deco Silver Plated Four Piece Tea Set

$2,995.00 (Four Pieces and Tray)

Experience the multifaceted temperament of Hannibal through the props and set

pieces from the show.

For a complete listing of props and set pieces visit:


Queen Victoria's Emerald Set Snake Engagement Ring - 2015-06-20

Queen Victoria's Engagement Ring

Queen Victoria's engagement ring was a snake with a emerald set-head, symbolizing eternal love and her birthstone for the month of May.

Click the link for more information on this 14 karat yellow gold and rhodium plated snake ring.


Vintage Amber Jewellery Alert!! - 2015-06-04

How to spot fake vintage amber jewellery 

At first glance it looks like beeds to make vintage amber jewellery, and is often mistaken for vintage amber.

This is Phenolic Resin it was made in Germany in the 1920s to the 1940s.We have to say this duped us and

nitially our appraisers as we bought it to make vintage amber jewellery.

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up to be careful!

We found our information on


3 Things To Do In The Entertainment District of Toronto - 2015-05-23

Neighbourhood News - 3 Fun Things To See In The Entertainment District of Toronto!

The first thing that's coming up shortly in The Entertainment District which is right next door to us is...

"Kink Boots" at The Royal Alexandra Theatre which begins June 16th

Kinky Boots

Kinky Boots Sign

For more information and tickets click here

The second thing on right now in The Entertainment District is...

Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival

contact art show toronto

Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival

For the full details of the festival click here

Last but maybe not least as there are many great restaurants, comedy, movies and shopping in

The Entertainment District is that other play on right now... "Titanic The Musical"

titanic the musical

Titanic at The Princess of Wales

Click here from more information and tickets

Tommy Smythe, List of Eight and Fabulous Flatware - 2015-05-23

Tommy Smythe, List of Eight and “Fabulous Flatware”House & Home June 2015


“Fabulous Flatware”

Tommy Smythe's List of Eight - Fabulous Flatware - House & Home


Using and collecting “Fabulous Flatware” is No 3 on Tommy Smythe’s list of eight “favourite ways to add

the ‘fine’ to yourfinishes, the ‘strut’ to your stuff and be inspired to love living in - and sharing -  your polished

pad” (72).


Tommy Smythe's Fabulous Flatware Picks


Tommy shows you what he means by “Fabulous Flatware” with pieces from Cynthia Findlay Antiques.


Edwardian Sterling and Mother of Pearl Bread Fork, Sheffield, 1908

Edwardian Sterling and Mother of Pearl Bread Fork, Sheffield, 1908


Victorian Three Piece Mother of Pearl and Silver Plate Butter and Jam Set, Boxed

Victorian Three Piece Mother of Pearl and Silver Plate Butter and Jam Set, Boxed


Vintage Two Piece Sterling and Ebony Salad Servers, C.1960s

Vintage Two Piece Sterling and Ebony Salad Servers, C.1960s

$295.00 (pair)


Tommy suggests “Get out the good stuff everyday” (72). If you don’t have the good stuff, Tommy recommends

not “to get itall at once”; rather, “make a hobby out of collecting a vintage classic set, complete with fanciful

serving accessories” (72).


Here are some more examples to add to or to start your “fabulous” vintage flatware collection:


Victorian Two Piece Stag Handled Fish Servers

Victorian Two Piece Stag Handled Fish Servers


Art Deco Dutch 833 Fine Silver Asparagus Server, 1926

Art Deco Dutch 833 Fine Silver Asparagus Server, 1926


Art Deco Three Piece Celluloid Handled  Carving Set, Boxed

Art Deco Three Piece Celluloid Handled  Carving Set, Boxed


Late Victorian Stag Handled Three Piece Carving Set, C.1890s


Art Deco Danish Silver Flatware, Georg Jensen Pyramid Pattern

$200.00 to $300.00 (piece)

Start Mother's Day With - 2015-05-08

Breakfast in bed . . .


Vintage Royal Winton Green Breakfast Set


Vintage Royal Winton Pink Breakfast Set

Vintage Royal Winton Pink Breakfast Set


Vintage Crown Staffordshire England “Napoleon Ivy” Pattern Breakfast Set

Vintage Crown Staffordshire England “Napoleon Ivy” Pattern Breakfast Set


Edwardian Royal Crown Derby Pattern 2649 Breakfast Set, C.1909

Edwardian Royal Crown Derby Pattern 2649 Breakfast Set, C.1909


Or, with a gift to hold her favourite tea . . .

Victorian English Silver Tea Caddy, Sheffield, C.1896

Left to Right

Victorian English Silver Tea Caddy, Sheffield, C.1896

Height 3 ¼”

Victorian English Silver Tea Caddy, London, W.M. Hutton, C.1898

Height 3 ¾”

Victorian English Silver Tea Caddy, London, C.1901

Height 3 ¼”


Or, with a neat and interesting sugar bowl . . .

Vintage English Silver Plate Coal Scuttle Sugar Bowl with Scoop


Vintage English Silver Plate Coal Scuttle Sugar Bowl with Scoop



Vintage English Silver Plate Coal Scuttle Sugar Bowl with Scoop


Victorian English Silver Plate Coal Scuttle Sugar Bowl with Scoop

Victorian English Silver Plate Coal Scuttle Sugar Bowl with Scoop


Victorian English Silver Plate Coal Scuttle Sugar Bowl with Scoop 2

Victorian English Silver Plate Coal Scuttle Sugar Bowl with Scoop


Frame family memories for mom in a beautiful silver frame . . .

Assorted Edwardian, Vintage, and Modern Silver Frames

Assorted Edwardian, Vintage, and Modern Silver Frames



Find the perfect silver vase to hold flowers . . .

Assorted Silver Vases


Assorted Silver Vases 2


Assorted Silver Vases 3

Assorted Silver Vases


Or, give the perpetual gift of flowers with something in chintz . . .

Lord Nelson Pottery Chintz

Left to Right

Lord Nelson Pottery Chintz “English Pansy” Jug

Height 6 ¼”

Lord Nelson Pottery Chintz “Green Tulip” Jug

Height 6 ¼”


Vintage James Kent Chintz

Back Row Left to Right

Vintage James Kent Chintz “Apple Blossom” Candy Dish

Vintage Royal Winton Chintz “Spring Glory” Covered Candy Dish

Vintage Royal Winton Chintz “Somerset” Oval Tray


Middle Row Left to Right

Vintage Royal Winton Chintz “Hazel” Pedestal Dish

Vintage James Kent Chintz “Apple Blossom” Covered Jam Pot

Vintage Crown Ducal Bud Vase



Vintage Royal Winton Chintz “Summertime” Boat Shaped Tray

We look forward to helping you online or in person with gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

Ribbons and Bows - 2015-05-01

For Mother's Day


According to Odessa Paloma Parkerribbons and bows are hot this spring appearing on things as diverse

as mirrors, dresses, phone sleeves, and jewellery (The Globe and Mail, Saturday, April 25, 2015).


This Mother’s Day treat mom to a twist on the “hottest” trend; delight her with antique or vintage ribbons

and bows jewellery.


Here is a selection of our jewellery:


Diamond Bow Ring




Diamond and Sapphire Bow Brooch




Victorian Peridot Bracelet




Bow Brooch




Victorian Gold and Sterling Opal and Diamond Ring




Edwardian Style Peridot Pendant




Sapphire Stud Earrings with Bow Motif





Double Heart Brooch




Diamond Bow Earrings




18kt. Diamond, Seed Pearl and Garnet Heart and Bow Pendant



18kt. Rose Cut Diamond and Natural Pearls Light Blue Enamel Brooch



Bakelite Bow Motif Hinged Bow Bangle



Gold Filled Enamel Bow Motif Brooch



Art Deco Diamond and Onyx Brooch



Marcasite and Silver Bow Motif Brooches

Top to Bottom:






Victorian Agate Bow



Silver Gilt Filigree Brooch (800 Grade Silver)


Mother's Day - 2015-04-18

Begin with the Gift of Time

Mother in Time.
She is time, seen through life
and I am enjoying her company:
Born of a Mother and by default given
the opportunity to see
hear, taste, touch
and smell,
feel all the joy
beauty and pain.
Fleeting glimpses in our life time: both
personal and collective so long as we remain.

by Chris Lane


This Mother’s Day symbolize the gift of time with abeautiful antiqueor vintage silver clock.

Antique and Vintage Silver Clocks

Vintage English Silver Hand Hammered Carriage Clock, Birmingham, C.1906

Height 2 ⅝”

Width 1 ¾”

Depth 1 â…œ”


Victorian English Silver Carriage Clock, Birmingham, C.1899

Height 2 ¾”

Width 2”

Depth 1 ¾”


Vintage English Silver Dresser Clock, Birmingham, C.1931

Height 3 â…œ”

Width 3 â…œ”


Vintage English Silver Dresser Clock, Birmingham, C.1931 (Not working)

Length 3 â…›”

Width 3 â…›”


Vintage English Silver and Leather Cased Carriage Clock, C.1910

Unusual Winding Mechanism, German Movement, Assembled in the USA

Height 3 ¾”

Width 3”

Depth 2 â…›”


Vintage Silver and Velvet Cased Dresser Clock

4 â…œ” x 4 â…œ” Square


Art Nouveau English Silver and Wood Dresser Clock, Birmingham, C.1905

Height 6 ¾”

Width 4 â…“”


Antique Irish Silver Plate Mantle Clock, C.1900

Height 8 ½”

Width 5 ¾”

Depth 4 â…ž”



Are you having tea or coffee with mother? We have a large selection ofbeautiful teacups and

saucers as well as tea and coffee sets.

Vintage Shelley Teacups and Saucers

$95.00 to $295.00

Vintage Shelley Coffee Set

Coffee Pot

Cream and Sugar

6 Demitasse Cups and Saucers



Or, this Mother’s Day, celebrate mother with an exquisite, time-honoured,unique piece of jewellery.

Blue Enamel Victorian Locket


$995.00(Tax Included)

Micro Mosaic Victorian Locket


$995.00(Tax Included)

Vintage Thistle Brooch


$850.00(Tax Included)

Antique Citrine Pendant


$700.00(Tax Included)

Edwardian Amethyst Brooch, C.1910


$1,000.00(Tax Included)

Victorian Amethyst Brooch


$995.00(Tax Included)


Edwardian Sapphire and Seed Pearl Bar Brooch


$1,000.00(Tax Included)

Art Deco Pearl and Diamond Brooch


$3,450.00 (Tax Included)

Vintage Owl Brooch, C.1920


$700.00(Tax Included)

Vintage Wedgwood Black Basalt and Sterling Silver Brooch


$95.00(Tax Included)

Vintage Enameled Turtle Brooch, C.1940


$2,500.00 (Tax Included)

Contemporary Plique-a-Jour Stingray Brooch, C.1990


$4,300.00 (Tax Included)


A Prop Stylists Vision - 2015-04-18

Paige Weir, St. Phillips, DolceMagazineApril 2015

When a prop stylist borrows vintage and antique pieces this is what’s possible!

St. Phillips Ad inDolceMagazine Spring 2015



Photography: Drew Haran

Hair and Makeup: Roger Medina

Set and Prop Styling: Paige Weir

Wardrobe: Michelle Paiano


Prop Rentals:

Rental Items:


Vintage Limoges Comport


Victorian Gilded Glass Perfume


Victorian Painted Porcelain and Brass Hand Mirror


Vintage Florentine Hand Painted Wooden Tray


Large Vintage Brass Candelabra


Vintage Pottery Florentine Finish Jug


Vintage Italian Hand Painted and Gilded Pink Ceramic Covered Footed Bon Bon

Dish, Made for Birks


Vintage Gilt and Bevelled Glass Jewel Box, C.1950s - 1960s


Victorian Gilt Metal Mounted Glass Jewel Box



Rental and Related Items:


Victorian Etched Glass and Gilt Metal Jewel Box with Fitted Perfume Bottles


Vintage Glass Perfume with Gilded Metal Flower Stopper, C.1960s


Antique Royal Vienna Creamware Jewel Box with Gilt Bronze Mounts, C.1890s


This beautiful Royal Vienna Jewel Box is decorated with gilt bronze mounts. Gilt bronze,
or the English eighteenth-century term, ormolu, refers to bronze which is gilded with gold.
The French term, bronze doré, refers to the same process.

Canadian Living 40th Anniversary Issue - April 2015 - 2015-04-04

“Easter made Easy”

Stylist Alanna Davey uses vintage and antique pewter water jugs to hold bouquets of spring flowers for

her Easter table setting.


We love how stylists use antiques in new ways, so when Alanna stopped by the shop this week we asked

her if she could talk about her “Easter made Easy” feature inCanadian Living, April 2015 (pages 94-101).

Alanna said, “I wanted to do a take on Easter light blue but not kitschy”; something “very simple, clean,

and fresh”; “something that was easy going, almost casual”; and “something attainable for everybody.”

Alanna’s use of vintage and antique pewter jugs to hold spring bouquets with Queen Anne’s Lace is a

charming example of how to use antiques in new and interesting ways while highlighting just what Alanna

means by “Easter made Easy.”

Pewter Water Jugs

Left to Right:

Arts and Crafts Hammered Pewter Water Jug, Halo’ England, John Turton, Sheffield Pewter

Height 8 ½”


Tulip Pewter Water Jug Bedford England, C.1880

Height 6 ½”


Round Pewter Water Jug, Pewter by Galstaff, Hand Wrought

Height 6”


Alanna also used a plain white ironstone platter and the simple yet elegant Birks Regency Plate “York”

pattern flatware for her Easter table setting.

White Ironstone Platter, Alfred Meakin England

12 ¼” x 9”

$95.00 (as found)

Birks Regency Plate “York” Pattern

(all monogrammed)

Birks produced their most popular patterns in both silver plate and in sterling silver. For example, Birks

Regency Plate “York” (above) is called “Saxon” in sterling silver. We have both and can fill your pattern

or help you find the pieces you have been looking for. Please contact us for prices.

Overall, we have a large number of individual pieces and place settings. If you have half a set or inherited a

set and want to finish it, or if you don’t know what your set is called we can also pattern match.


Whether you want to add to your flatware service or are looking for inspiring ways to set the table, stop by

the shop, we would be pleased to help.  

Franklin's Lost Ships - 2015-04-09

Thursday, April 9, 2015 at 8 PM on CBC’S Nature of Things


A neat little prop rental for a historical project:

Franklin’s Lost Ships:

Thursday, April 9, 2015 at 8 PM on CBC’S Nature of Things

Co-produced by 90th Parallel Productions and Lion Television

Here are the props from the rental for Franklin’s Lost Ships:

Nineteenth-Century English Silver Plate Flatware

Fork $20.00 (As Found)

Fork $25.00

Spoon $45.00


Nineteenth-Century Scrimshaw Paginator



Nineteenth-Century Steel Rimmed Eye Glasses


styleathome's Special Issue - 2015-04-07

“Cottage Style: Fresh Looks for Easy Living” - Spring 2015

We are very pleased to be part ofstyleathome’s special cottage issue.





A small pink transferware dish helps to create the cottage-style palette (10).

V&B Waller France Pink Transferware Small Dish, C.1880


(This dish is actually a rim soup from a child’s play set.)


In “Classic Pieces: What a Dish!” Ann Marie Favot workswith pretty

pastels andflorals to create a “cottage-style shelfor table” (38-39).


Mid-Century Shorter Pink with Tiny White Dots Ceramic Jug


Foley Floral Bouquet Teacup, C.1950s

$35.00 (Teacup and Saucer)

Belleek Pink Neptune Pattern Teacup

Second Green mark 1955-1965

$125.00 (Cup Only)

Late Victorian Rose Spray Transfer Finish Bavarian Biscuit Barrel



In “Vintage Pieces: Retro Revival” Ann Marie chooses vintage “statement” pieces

andsuggests“bright” pops of colour one way to create a “cottage-style home” look (64-65).

[Far left of group shot individual pictures not included]

Weller White Two Handled Ceramic Vase, C.1930s-40s

$265.00 (As Found)

Pair of Van Briggle Colorado Springs Turquoise Double Vases, C.1950s


Swedish Orange Glass Vase, C.1960s


Mid-Century G.W. Alior India Round Green Ceramic Vase



Pair of Victorian Turquoise Enamel Decorated Bristol Glass Vase, C.1890s (showing one of two)

$450.00 (pair)


Keith Murray Wedgwood White Ceramic Vase, C.1950s



Mid-Century West German Green Ceramic Vase with Green Squares



Mid-Century Crown Ducal Celery Green Ceramic Pitcher



Mid-Century Japanese Ceramic Study of Two Cardinals on a Branch


Happy Easter - 2015-04-04

Easter Jewellery, Butterfly Diamond Brooches


The butterfly is a flying flower,

The flower a tethered butterfly.

-- Ponce Denis Écouchard Lebrun


Tether a butterfly to your love!

Top to Bottom:


- Enamel Early Victorian Rose Cut Diamond Butterfly Brooch

- Victorian Amethyst and Citrine Butterfly Brooch

- Diamond and Plique-à-jour Butterfly Brooch


To see some more fine examples of butterfly jewellery and pieces click here.

The Best of Toronto - 2015-03-21

The Best of Toronto Shopping!


Toronto Magazine 2015, Volume 8, Issue 1 - March 2015


We are very pleased to be in the recent issue ofTorontomagazine listed under SHOP in the

Entertainment District section (see page 69).

Whether you are looking for an exceptional colour . . .

Mid-Century Modern Italian Ceramic Chartreuse Rooster and Hen

Height (him) 14 ½”

Height (her) 12”

$695.00 (pair)


Or imagine soothing tired feet, Victorian style . . .

Late Victorian Ironstone Sponge Decorated Blue and White Footbath

Height 8 ½”

Length (overall) 19”

Width (overall) 13”



Or just want to say, I love you . . .


Vintage Art Deco Platinum Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

Reference #JRD79081



We would be pleased to help.

We look forward to your visit.

Happy St. Patrick's Day - 2015-03-17

Belleek Pottery:


After witnessing the devastating effects of the Irish potato famine landowner John Caldwell

Bloomfield,in 1849, turned his interest in mineralogy toward plans to build what is now known

as the Belleek Pottery Ltd.


This charming Honey Pot in the traditional Shamrock pattern is a perfect example of the fine

craftsmanshipthe Belleek Pottery Ltd. is known for.


Belleek Shamrock Pattern Honey Pot with Lid

1st Green Mark



Visit to learn more about the fascinating history of Ireland’s

most famous pottery.


How to date your Belleek:


Here are a few teapots from our extensive collection of Belleek.


Belleek Teapot

2nd Black Mark

$195.00 (As Found)


Belleek Echinus Pattern Teapot

2nd Black Mark




Belleek Bamboo Pattern Teapot

2nd Black Mark

$1,600.00 (Spout Restored)

3 Steps To Redesigning This Custom Diamond Ring - 2015-03-13

Custom Diamond Ring Before & After The Redisign


Step 1 - Grandmother supplied the diamond . . .


Step 2 - Groom found the design that he liked . . .


Step 3 - We made this stunning White Gold Diamond Solitaire Ring.


The Past in the Present - 2015-03-10

Royal Nippon Porcelain and Chamomile Panna Cotta - Lucy Waverman, “Flower Power,”

The Globe and Mail, February 2015


A Delicate Antique Porcelain Cup and Saucer and a Modern Version of a Delicate Dessert:


Lucy Waverman sets and serves student chef Esther Tabert’s Chamomile Panna Cotta in her

(Waverman’s) grandmother’s Royal Nippon porcelain cup and saucer. Bringing together grandmother’s

china and Tabert’s recipe, in turn, captures the essence of Tabert’s Chamomile Panna Cotta: a remake

of a simple traditional recipe that Esther says was inspired by “her mother’s love of chamomile tea.”

Using antiques in new ways is an inventive way to use family heirlooms while illuminating our link to the past.


Click the link below to read the article.


Lucy Waverman, “Flower Power,”The Globe and Mail, February 2015


If you are looking for Royal Nippon, antique porcelain, or inspiring and novel ways to use antiques we can help.


Royal Nippon Plates

$25.00 to $35.00

Diameter 6”


Royal Nippon Plates


Diameter 7 ½”


Royal Nippon Cups and Saucers


The Stars & The Moon - 2015-03-06

Odessa Paloma Parker muses on the mystical, occultism and style in her feature,

“Blithe Spiritualism” -The Globe and Mail, February 2015



Odessa points to the trend when she states, “These days, you can hardly shake a smudge

stick without hitting an example of the style world’s new appetite for occultism: The collections

on the spring 2015 runways were studded with star, moon and elemental imagery . . .”


Link to Odessa’s article, click here.



Odessa inspires us to enchant you with the stars and crescent moons in the shop.


Seed Pearl Crescent Brooch



18kt Gold Seed Pearl and Diamond Crescent and Star Brooch

$2,000.00 (TI)



Seed Pearl Crescent Brooch - 2



9kt Gold Seed Pearl Star Brooch


10kt Gold Pearl Crescent Brooch



Pair of 14kt Seed Pearl Starburst Earrings



14kt Gold Garnet Crescent Brooch



Pair of Seed Pearl and Citrine Drop Earrings


9kt Seed Pearl and Diamond Starburst Brooch



Silver Gilt Garnet Crescent and Star Brooch



14kt Gold Nugget Top Crescent Brooch



Seed Pearl Multi Starburst Pendant Necklace


Facebook - 2015-02-25

Late yesterday evening we hit 10,000 likes on our Facebook page. We're very grateful for all the connections
we've made and fun we've had sharing pictures, updates and information about our shop, our neighborhood
in The Entertainment District and romance. If you have yet to vistit our page we invite you to do so by clicking
the picture below.
Thank you from all of us at,
Cynthia Findlay Antiques & Toronto Antiques on King
(Sometime this week our Facebook name will be updating to Cynthia Findlay Antiques)

This Past Week On The Marilyn Denis Show - 2015-02-21

The Wonderful Tommy Smythe Creates a Delightful “Early Spring” Table-Scape From Our Shop!


In, “Tommy Takes Us: Dinner by Design,” Tommy Smythe displays his “early spring” “fashion forward”

“florals” table-scape. Tommy explains how he begins to put it together: “all this stuff comes from

Cynthia Findlay Antiques”; “an amazing place where you can go”; it’s a one stop shop for everything

to do with tabletop“; “one of my favourite places in the city!”

Click the link below to watch the show.


The Marilyn Denis Show: Tommy Takes Us: Dinner by Design; February 19, 2015

Here’s how Tommy puts together the place setting.Tommy starts with “everyday dishes” and chooses

a “plain white dish.”

Set of Sixteen Wedgwood “California” Service Plates (showing 8 of 16)

$1,600.00 set

Diameter 10 ¾”


Tommy then adds “fashion forward” “florals.”

Set of Twelve Kaiser Pink Floral and Gilt Decorated Plates (showing 4 of 12)

$295.00 set

Diameter 4 ¾”


Tommy highlights how he likes to use “a combination of different periods and styles.” Admiring the

1960s Swedish goblets, Tommy describes their effect: “They are so wonderful and they are so

exuberant - they’re a modern interpretation of this floral leaf motif.”

Set of Eight Swedish Stem Glasses; c 1960s

$295.00 set

Height 8 ¼”


Gold Rimmed Water Glasses pick up the gilt decoration of the Kaiser Plates and the gold rim of the

white Wedgwood Service plates.

Set of Twelve Gold Rimmed Water Glasses (showing 4 of 12)


Height 5 1/4’


The teacups, Tommy explains, “we did almost as a suggestion for a collectible - they’re all different.”

Eight Various Cups and Saucers

$25.00 - $75.00


Mother of Pearl Handled Knives and Forks complete the place setting.

Set of Six Mother of Pearl Handled Dinner Forks (showing 1 of 6)


(One as found)

Set of Twelve Mother of Pearl Handled Dinner Knives (showing 1 of 12)



Tommy then uses Venetian Glass Tumblers and Victorian Celery Vases to extend the “layered”

floral motif to create “layers of height.”

Set of Four Venetian Tumblers (showing 2 of 4)


Height 3 ¾”

Set of Six Venetian Tumblers (showing 2 of 6)


Height 5 â…œ”

Victorian Cut Glass Celery Vase


Height 8 â…ž”

Victorian Clear and Frosted Glass Mask Motif Base Celery Vase


Height 9 ¼”


An Art Deco 800 Fine Silver and Cut Glass Pitcher further demonstrates how Tommy combines

different periods and styles.

Art Deco 800 Fine Silver and Cut Glass Pitcher


Height 10 ¾”


Thank you Tommy. We love your visits and your style. It’s “early spring” whenever you stop by.


The Team at Cynthia Findlay Antiques

H&H Online TV: 2015 Paint Trend Colours & How To Use Them - 2015-02-18

H&H Online TV’s Lynda Reeves shows how to play up the “2015 Paint Trend Colours”
withaccent pieces from Cynthia Findlay Antiques.

Link to H&H Online TV video


H&H Online TV 2015 Paint Trend Colours & How To Use Them; January 21, 2015

The accents and the colours for 2015:

Lynda uses amber glass to accentBlue Coal, Valspar Paint.

Amber Glass Decanter (as seen on H&H Online TV)


Height 12 ¼”

Cut Glass Amber Candlestick


Height 9 ½”


Lynda selects a French Opaline Turquoise Box to accentFlamenco, Benjamin Moore.

French Opaline Turquoise Box (as seen on H&H Online TV)



Lynda says the “burnished brass” look of these Hammered Brass Low Candlesticks is the

perfect accent forWet Rock, Para Paints.

Pair of Hammered Brass Low Candlesticks (as seen on H&H Online TV)

$125.00 (pair)

Height 4 ¼”


Lynda points to these Jadite Boxes to accentPink Ground, Farrow & Ball.

Two Jadite Boxes (as seen on H&H Online TV)

$225.00 (for two)



We also have the “deep deep red,” “matte black,” “smokey grey,” “white metal,” “dark green”

and “white” to accent the other paint trends of 2015. Come visit us and we will help you find

the perfect accent piece.

The Hottest Trends For 2015 - 2015-02-14

House & Home’s Suzanne Dimma & Lynda Reeves Outline The Hottest Trends for

2015 on Cityline, The Marilyn Denis Show and H&H Online TV.


Vintage Wedgwood Jasperware and the British Eclectic look: as seen on Cityline

February 5, 2015.

Click this link to watch the show


On The Marilyn Denis Show,House & Home’s Lynda Reeves explains British Eclectic this way:

it’s “about clutter coming back”; it’s “about traditional”; “It’s groovy.” Lynda points to vintage

Wedgwood Jasperware from Cynthia Findlay Antiques to illustrate the trend.

Click this link to watch her show.


Wedgwood Jasperware as seen on Cityline & The Marilyn Denis Show.

Wedgwood Jasperware Lavender Cup and Saucer



Wedgwood Jasperware Dark Blue Coffee Can and Saucer


H&H Online TV’s Suzanne Dimma describes the colours of British Eclectic as “chalky, kinda muted,”

and suggests vintage Wedgwood “a perfect way to add a little bit of British Eclectic to your decor.”

Click this link to watch the show.

Vintage Wedgwood Jasperware: as seen on H&H Online TV.

Wedgwood Jasperware Green Jug


Height 4 ¾”

Wedgwood Jasperware Lavender Vase


Height 3 ¼”

Wedgwood Jasperware Square Pink Box


4” Square


Choose from our wonderful collection of vintage Wedgwood Jasperware.

Begin to create your very own British Eclectic look.

Wedgwood Jasperware - Wedgwood Blue

Wedgwood Jasperware - Dark Blue

Wedgwood Jasperware - Sage Green

Wedgwood Jasperware - Lavender

Wedgwood Jasperware - Pink and Terracotta

Wedgwood Jasperware - Black


Or we can help you find the perfect accent piece for the other top trends of 2015:

South American Fusion: yellows, oranges, blues, and greens

Contact us for prices.

Modern Farmhouse: classic winter white

Contact us for prices.

Artful Refinement: Furniture As Art

Design a sunroom around this elegant Emilio Martelli Scagliola “Shells” coffee table.

Contact us for price.


Cool Stuff - Interior Designer Sarah Richardson Recommends a trip to Cynthia Findlay Antiques in the premier issue of Toronto Pearson's AWAY magazine - 2015-02-07

Sarah Richardson suggests, “Take home statement earrings from Cynthia Findlay Antiques” (AWAY 55).  

The premier issue of Toronto Pearson’s AWAY magazine, Winter 2015.


Sarah chooses a pair of vibrant vintage Sherman Crystal Earrings in hues of rich pink.

$495.00circa 1950s


Visit Toronto Pearson’s AWAY magazine.

To read the article click here.




More great contemporary and vintage earrings for stylish local and international travellers.


Contemporary Multi Gemstone Chandelier Earrings


Product number - 70811



Contemporary Topaz Drop Earrings

$3,800.00 - For more information and to buy these earrings online click here.



Vintage Pink and Green Rhinestone Drop Earrings




Contemporary Topaz and Quartz Drop Earrings


Product number - 70807



Contemporary Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, and Diamond Earrings


Product number - 74041

The Old and The New - 2015-01-09

Stunning Silver Picture Frames With Downton Abbey Photos

We're displaying digital Downton Abbey photos in our beautiful silver picture frames. Choose from our extensive
collection of silver picture frames and display your digital photos with distinction.


Two 800 Fine Silver Frames

6” x 4.5”

$395.00 (each)


English Silver Frame; Chester 1902

6” x 6”



Wallace Sterling Silver Oval Frame on Ball Feet

8 ½” x 6 ½”



Birks Sterling Silver Oval Frame

6 ½” x 8 ½”



Birks Sterling Silver Oval Frame; c 1910

5 ⅝” x 8”



Birks Sterling Silver Frame

5 ¼” x 7”



Modern English Sterling Frame

10” x 8 ¼”



Sterling Silver Oval Frame

9 ½” x 12 ¼”



Edwardian Sterling Silver Frame

8 ½” x 11 ½”



To see our hand picked Dwonton Abbey Art Deco Jewellery Collection click here.

Ready For The Downton Abbey House Guest - 2015-01-04

We've Been Eagerly Awaiting The Start of Season Five Tonight!


Spode’s “Royal Jasmine” Breakfast Set (showing part)$395.00

Set includes:

Breakfast Plate

2 Bread and Butter Plates

1 Cereal Bowl

1 Cup & Saucer

2 Caudle Cups & Saucers (1 cover, 1 saucer as found)

1 Egg Cup (as found)

1 Butter Pat


Cream & Sugar (as found)

Hot Water Pot (as found)

Two-Piece Muffin Dish

Two-Piece Oval Dish

Two-Piece Warming Dish (as found)

Condiment Set (as found)


Elkington & Co. Silver Plated Flatware Service (showing one place setting)

$3,750.00 set

151 Pieces


Pair of English Silver Toast Racks; Sheffield 1912 (showing one)

$995.00 pair


Sheffield Reproduction Silver Plated Hot Water Pot



Silver Plated Bud Vase



Edwardian Sterling Silver Photo Frame


11 ½” x 8 ½”


English Silver Napkin Ring; Birmingham 1923



Set of 4 Irish Linen Napkins (showing one)



Etched Glass Tumbler



Mahogany Oval Serving Tray


Length 24 ½”

Width 14 ½”


To See Our Hand Picked Downton Abbey Style Jewellery Collection Click Here.

Ring In The New Year - 2014-12-31

Ring In The New Year With a Special Antique, Vintage or Modern Ring!


Please Click On Any Ring For More Infomation & Happy New Year!!

The Heart of Robin Hood & Blades on Stage - 2014-12-23

Two Great Ideas This Winter That Are Right Next Door To Us at The Royal Alexandra & The Princess of Wales Theatres in Toronto's Entertainment District.

The Heart of Robin Hood - Starts Tonight and runs through March 1st 2015.

"Visually sumptuous, wildly energetic and tremendously entertaining production." CBC

For more information and to buy tickets click here

Blades on Stage - Starts tomorrow and runs only until January 4th 2015

Staring Elvis Stojko, Shae-Lynn Bourne, Violetta Afanasieva & Pete Dack in a holiday show that promises spectacular entertainment for the whole family.

For more information and to buy tickets click here

Lockets - 2014-12-19

Lots and Lots of Lockets!


Silver Lockets

Left to Right

- Victorian Sterling Silver Chain and Locket$1,495.00

Length 16”


- Victorian Silver Plated Chain and Locket$1,095.00

Length 21”


-Silver Book Chain and Locket$1,995.00

Length 20”


-Victorian English Silver Chain and Locket$1,495.00

Length 18”


-Victorian English Silver Chain and Locket$895.00

Length 17”


-Victorian English Silver Chain and Locket1,895.00

Length 26”



Gold Chains and Lockets and Gold Lockets


Left to Right


-Silver Gilt Chain and Locket$995.00

Length 17”


-Gold Gild Chain and Locket, c 1838$895.00

Length 21 ½”


-Victorian Gold Filled Chain and Locket$395.00

Length 18”


Right Top to Bottom

-Gold Filled Locket$225.00

-Gold Filled and Hardstone Cameo with Etruscan Wirework Locket$595.00

-Art Nouveau Gold Filled Locket$395.00

Assorted Lockets and Gold Chain$2,995.00

The Grand Finale - Toronto Star's, The Kit, guide to creating a show-stopping holiday feast. - 2014-12-16

Mother of Pearl, Silver Plate, Etched Glass, and Turquoise and Gold from Cynthia Findlay Antiques.




Set of Five Etched Glass Coupe Champagnes$150.00

(One as found)

Silver Plated Tea Tray$695.00

Length 24 1/2’

Width 14 ¾”


Pair of Polished Bronze Salad Servers (Thailand)$25.00

Length 8 ½”

Pair of Polished Bronze Salad Servers (Thailand)$35.00

Length 9 ¾”


Turquoise and Gold English Porcelain Service Plates$995.00

Attributed to Minton

Showing 6 of 8


Silver Plated Rectangular Covered Entree Dish$195.00

Silver Plated Oval Covered Entree Dish$125.00


Pairpoint Ice Bucket$195.00


Three-Piece Mother of Pearl Handled Carving Set with Sterling Silver Ferrules

(in a fitted box)$795.00


Limoges Porcelain Covered Casserole$75.00

(As Found)


Limoges Comport$95.00

Diameter 7 ½”

height 4 ¾”


Wedgwood Bone China Platter$265.00

Length 14 ½”

Width 11 ½”


Rogers Bros. “Orleans” Pattern Gold Plated 40 Piece Flatware Service$895.00

Light Up Your Holidays - 2014-12-12

Silver Candlesticks & Menorahs This Year!

WMF Art Nouveau Pair of Silver Plate Three-Light Candelabra$1,995.00 (pair)

(unsigned and refurbished)

Circa 1920-30 H. J. Wilm, Berlin Germany Sterling Silver Pair of Six-Light Candelabra

$25,000.00 (Pair)Height: 17”        

Set of Three Sheffield Plate Candlesticks 8 ¼”$995.00

Pair of Silver-plated Candlesticks 6”$125.00

Pair of Pewter Candlesticks 6” (As Found)$295.00



925 Silver Menorah$2,995.00

Height: 14 ¾”


Sterling Silver, Sheffield, Menorah, circa 1938$1,295.00

Height: 5 ½”


Sterling Silver Menorah$1,995.00

Height: 12”


Sterling Silver Menorah$1,450.00

Height: 6 ¾”

The LCBO Holiday Lets Get Together food and drinks guide. - 2014-12-06

Lets get together! Come in and buy these vintage cocktail glasses

featured in the LCBO “Let’s Get Together” holiday food and drinks guide.


Set of Five Gilded Cocktail Glasses$95.00 (Or choose from our large selection

of gilded stemware.)


Tiffany & Co Sterling Silver Circular Salver (Diameter 11”)$1,495.00  

(One of many silver and silver plated serving trays in our store.)

Fairmont Magazine - 2014-11-30

Fairmont Magazine- World travellers find our shop!



Birmingham c 1917 English Silver Topped Glass Inkwelland a

Sterling Silver Topped Glass Inkwell

A Pair of Staffordshire Spaniels

Silver Plated Cocktail Shakerand a Webb Corbett Cocktail Glass

As seen in Fairmont Magazine 

List of items:


Pair of Staffordshire Spaniels$395.00 (pair)

Height: 10 ¼”

Birmingham c 1917 English Silver Topped Glass Inkwell$995.00

Height: 3 ½”

Width and Length: 4”

Web Code: C01W010


Sterling Silver Topped Glass Inkwell (As Found)$495.00

Height: 3 ¼”

Width and Length: 3”

Web Code: C01W008


Silver Plated Cocktail Shaker$395.00

Height: 8 ¾”

Set of Seven Webb Corbett  Cocktail Glasses$295.00

Chatelaine Special Holiday Issue - 2014-11-22

Chatelaine’s Marta Sadowski finds just the right antique and vintage “Glitter” at Cynthia Findlay Antiques.


Marta (left) chooses a selection of diamanté jewellery forChatelaine’s “All That Glitters” Fashion Feature.


A traditional circle brooch circa 1950 in the Jackie Kennedy manner is perfect.

Imagine this vintage rhinestone collar necklace on Audrey Hepburn .


This Weiss 1950s emerald cut rhinestone wide cuff is the perfect Angelina Jolie statement piece.

ViewChatelaine’s behind the scenes video.



Come in and see our fine collection of antique and vintage jewellery including Sherman, Kramer, Weiss, and Coro.

Photography: Alvaro Goveia
Model: Tamara Flynn
Hair: Justin German 
Makeup: Simone Otis
Fashion & Beauty Director: Catherine Franklin
Assistant Editor, Style: Marta Sadowski
Associate Editor, Style: Kate Gertner


House & Home Special Edition - 2014-11-15

Wedgwood Green Decorates the Cover ofHouse & Home Special Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Holiday December 2014.


We found our Wedgwood Green Glazed Leaf Plates on the cover.

Wedgwood Green and Spitzbuben Cookies

Wedgwood Green Glazed Leaf Plates$150.00 each

Visualize Entertaining! - 2014-11-07

style at home’s guest stylist Montana Labelle visits Cynthia Findlay Antiques to set the table for holiday entertaining.

style at home “Holiday Cheer!” December 2014



Select Antique or Vintage at Cynthia Findlay Antiques.




List for the photo instyle at home:


style at home “Holiday Cheer!” December 2014

Art Deco Silver-plated Trophy$695.00

Three Piece Royal Winton Gold Lustre Tea Set (showing tea and sugar)$295.00

Four Piece Silver-plated Tea Set (showing coffee and creamer)$395.00

Art Deco French Silver-plated Tea and Coffee Set (showing tray)$2995.00

Black and White Hungarian Hollohaza Vase$595.00

Set of Twelve Christian Dior “Casablanca” Cups and Saucers (showing six)$1995.00

Set of Ten Royal Worcester Fuchsia and Gold Plates (showing six) SOLD$2300.00

Set of Six  Gold-plated teaspoons$95.00

The Holiday Table! - 2014-10-29

style at home’s Ann Marie Favot chooses from amongst the pewter, ironstone,

pressed glass, and flatware at Cynthia Findlay Antiques.

For Product Details Click Here



style at home’s November 2014 “Celebrate with Style” issue:


October 31st Halloween Jewellery - 2014-10-25

Be Seen This Halloween!

To see a web version of our Halloween email with

spooky jewellery and scary pumkins 

Click Here.

Classy Creepy Antiques for Halloween. - 2014-10-22

House & Home’s Reiko Caron and Morgan Michener find “Classy” “Creepy Antiques” at Cynthia Findlay Antiques for Halloween


A large Victorian porch inspires Reiko and Morgan to use decorative pieces to “set a mood” and to create those “little moments.”

Click the image above for product and pricing info.


House & Home Online TV “Best Halloween Decorating” Episode 254

Reiko and Morgan expertly choose Black Satin Glass Pedestal Bowls, Ceramic Skull Mug With Pewter Mounts,

a Black Satin Glass Vase, and WroughtIron Candlesticks to develop their “matte black” Halloween scene.

Vintage Props For Front Entry Way - 2014-10-22

House & Home’s Reiko Caron visits Cynthia Findlay Antiques to select vintage pieces.


Reiko’s DIY “Constellation Mural” inspires her to design an elegant front entry way using vintage props.

Click here for product and pricing info.




House & Home DIY Constellation Mural - Episode 251



We love how Reiko incorporated the vintage Leather and Canvas Hat Box from Vienna $995.00 and

the vintage Brass and Leather Telescope $695.00 to create that cultured, worldly look.

Three Ways to Wear Vintage Jewellery - 2014-08-02

Here Are Three Ways To Wear Vintage Jewelley

If you own vintage jewellery, you know how precious it can be to have one-of-a-kind pieces that 
might be older than you are. Whether you have a family heirloom or unique treasures you found at 
estate sales and antique shops, vintage jewellery can be a smart investment for your pocketbook and 
wardrobe. Not sure how to wear it? Here are three ways to wear and flaunt vintage or estate jewellery. 
Make a Statement 
A single vintage ring or necklace can become the centerpiece of any outfit, especially when it comes to 
formal wear. A statement piece should be large enough to garner attention without taking away from 
the rest of the look. To make a statement with vintage jewellery, wear the piece without other jewellery 
or with smaller pieces. 
Flaunt the Entire Set
A great way to show off vintage jewellery is to wear an entire set. Invest your time and money into 
purchasing a set of vintage earrings, a ring, and a necklace. The matching set will add beauty and style to 
your outfit without overpowering the rest of your look. 
Mix and Match 
If you don’t own a statement piece or a set of vintage jewellery, you can wear the pieces you have along 
with contemporary pieces from your collection. A mix of vintage and contemporary jewellery creates 
an eclectic look that is ideal for both casual and formal events. You can also mix and match pieces from 
various time periods, such as a few Art Deco rings with contemporary earrings.

Montana Labelle's Living Room - 2014-03-11

Montana Labelle is a great friend of Cynthia Findlay Antiques.

We want to congratulate her on the Globe and Mail feature of her

living room in the March 8 style section. She makes her small

space look beautiful and urban. Click here to see more of her work

Source, Globe and Mail, March 8, 2014

March's Birthstone Aquamarine and an Antidote to Winter - 2014-03-05

Celebrate Spring With Aquamarine Jewellery


Aquamarine Jewellery - Spring forward tomorrow with the excitement of knowing that

spring is coming! Celebrate spring with March's birthstone,

the aquamarine.

Aquamarine derived from the latin word “aqua,” “meaning water”

and “marina” meaning “the sea.”

Bringing to mind pristine beaches and beautiful water, aquamarine is the

perfect antidote to winter!


Brooches Are Back! - 2014-03-04

Brooches At The Oscars

If we learned anything from the Oscars this year it is that brooches are back.

Who wore them best? Tyler Perry and Usher. That's right. These men brought

the vintage-inspired glamour to the red carpet. We especially loved Tyler Perry's

large diamond bar pin. Don't get us wrong, this is not Tyler Perry dressing as Madea.

This is a dapperstatement worthy of a man's wardrobe. 

If we were dressing Perry, we would recommend this piece from our Cynthia Findlay Collection.

Usher also dazzled with a retro-style diamond brooch.

For those wishing to jump on this trend, we recommend this piece from the Cynthia Findlay Collection
Find more brooches here

Globe and Mail Borrows From Cynthia Findlay Antiques - 2014-02-26

The Globe and Mail borrowed pieces from Cynthia Findlay Antiques

for their "Seville Defence" Story

What could make an intimate dinner of roasted cornish hen any better?

How about ironstone bowls, pewter plates and antique linen napkins? 

Credits: Photographer, Angus Ferguson

Food Stylist, Victoria Walsh

Prop Stylist, Alanna Davey

Source, "Seville Defence," February 15, 2014.

Globe and Mail:

Enamel collander, $125. Ironstone Bowl, $45. Ironstone salad plates, $15-$20.

Please contact us for current availability. 

Grain sack, $125. Hand-painted serving bowl, $65. Serving Spoon, $10.

Liberty bud vase, $895 for the pair. Set of six of pewter plates, $395.

Bone-handled knife, $35. Linen dinner napkin, $35.

Contact us for current availability. 

Linen cocktail napkins $65/ set of 10. Several similar gallery trays and

ice buckets in stock. 

John Landis Visit - 2013-11-10

We loved having John Landis and Stephen Furst in our store last week.
They were in town for the John Landis retrospective at TIFF. While in Toronto,
we were honoured to have a shopping visit from Mr. Landis and hear some of
his filmmaking stories.
John Landis Visit

Antique Edwardian Filigree Engagement Rings - 2013-11-10

A Cute Story About Antique Edwardian Filigree Engagement Rings

Most of us don’t associate antique Edwardian filigree engagement rings with a torch. And yet,
no finer association has ever been made. When Edmond Fouche and Charles Picard invented the 
oxyacetylenetorch in 1903, they also unwittingly invented the platinum engagement ring. The
oxyacetylene torch was the first to use pure oxygen in it’s tank instead of regular air and was
therefore able to produce a much hotter flame. These hot flames allowed jewellers to melt metal
with precision and in a room environment.
Platinum engagement rings exploded with popularity in the Edwardian era because of this new invention.
Most antique Edwardian engagement rings feature a setting made of platinum that has been intricately styled into a
filigree lace-likepattern. Inspite of the delicate nature of the design, platinumis a very hard and durable metal, which
happily meansthat many have stood the test of time well. Clickhere to see some beautiful examples.

Great Gatsby Art Deco Jewellery - 2013-09-19

Since it’s inception in 1925, art deco jewellery has always been in fashion.

The clean lines of deco fashion and architecture has made it both a

versatile and remarkable design. As if it’s consistent popularity wasn’t

enough, Art Deco has been enjoying a huge resurgence, thanks in large

part to Baz Luhrmann's film adaptation of The Great Gatsby (2013).

The Great Gatsby - Art Deco Jewellery

Art Deco jewellery is characterized by long strands of pearls, as well as bold

rings and bracelets. Since the art deco era came to life in the height of the machine

age, art deco jewellery clearly features human’s newfound love affair with machines.

Gone were the asymmetrical and organic designs of the art nouveau era, in were the

straight lines and bold surfaces that only a machine could create and reproduce on a

mass scale. Art Deco jewellery speaks of immense progress and opulence. Art Deco

jewellery often features colour contrasts, such as deep blue sapphires against bright

white platinum, or onyx contrasted with coral. Our Art Deco collection features

genuinely period art deco pieces and modern deco-inspired jewellery.

Emerald Green Jewellery - 2013-10-15

Pantone has declared emerald green to be the colour of the year. We love

this choice. Green is so full of energy, while still being subtle. Here are a

few of our favourite pieces of emerald green jewellery.

This is an Art Deco platinum and diamond ring set with an emerald cut emerald.

Emerald Ring

At first glance, this alexandrite is a forest green colour. However, alexandrites

change colour and in the right light this stone will become vibrant green, just like a chameleon.


This stunning antique necklace could have been worn, with much pomp, by the

Countess of Grantham (Elizabeth McGovern) in Downton Abbey

Emerald Necklace

Donwton Abbey - 2013-08-31

We can't wait for the next season of Downton Abbey to start.

To help our excitement (and yours), we've created a category of

our favourite Downton Abbey-esque jewellery. Have alook!

Downton Abbey

The First Engagement Ring - 2013-08-08

We have Archduke Maximilian of Austria to thank for the diamond

engagement ring tradition. In 1477 he proposed to Mary of Burgundy

with a ring of thin, flat diamonds set in the shape of an “M.” Unconfirmed

sources believe that the Archduke chose diamonds for their hardness. He

told Mary of Burgundy that the strength of the stone, worn on the outside of

her wedding ring, would protect her wedding band, and it would be a symbol

of a strong relationship.

Antique Diamond Ring

This ring features old cut, flat diamonds that would be similar to those in

Mary of Burgundy's ring.

Anna Karenina - 2013-07-16

First impressions from the latest Anna Karenina adaptation, is of beauty.

Keira Knightley is stunningly well dressed in every scene.

Anna Karenina

We have a two special pieces of antique Russian jewellery. They capture

the royal elegance and opulent indulgence enjoyed by the upper class during

this period of Russian History. We think Knightley would look beautiful in

both these pieces, don’t you agree?

The History of Wedding Bands - 2013-06-25

The History of Wedding Bands Explained

As far as we know, betrothal rings (engagament rings) date back to cavemen, who would tie a

piece of grass around their mate’s finger (or wrist, or ankle, or waist) to control

her spirit. The progression of history has made the tradition of betrothal much

more romantic, and, fortunately, more democratic. The ancient Egyptians, infusing

some romance in the proceedings, wore silver or gold betrothal rings on the third finger of

the left hand. They believed that this finger contains a vein that runs directly to the heart.

Across the world and through history, wedding ring traditions have existed as variations

on this Egyptian theme. To wear a wedding band, is to participate in one of the most basic

and long-lasting traditions in our known history.

Diamond Wedding Band

Love at First Pin - 2013-05-17

First comes love, then comes.... a thimble?! In the mid-19th century, a large group of American colonizers (self-identified as “plain people”) regarded betrothal rings as excessive displays of frivolity. Instead, a prospective groom would present his bride with a thimble, which she would use to sew items for her hope chest. Once the marriage was complete, and the dowry sewn, the woman would cut off the top of the thimble and wear the bottom as a wedding ring.


Times are Changing - 2013-04-09

Opportunity and change come as a package deal. We are very excited to hear about our landlord

David Mirvish’s plan to transform the King and John area into an international architectural destination.

This change creates a major opportunity for our city and for our business. For three and a half years, we

have enjoyed working in this old Mirvish building. We are not sure what the future holds, but we are sure

that in a few years we will need to relocate. This move offers us the opportunity to reinvent our business,

while continuing to serve our loyal and wonderful customers. Come and enjoy our store in this historic

location while we’re still here.

Toronto Antiques on King

Bertha and Thomas Dinsmore - 2013-03-05

When we buy and sell beautiful old jewellery, we ask the seller to tell us the family story

behind the story. Most people rarely know more beyond the basic generalities of what

their families were doing in the last century (do you know how your great-grandparents lived?).

Well, in this case, we have a ring with not only a story, but a picture! Meet Bertha and Thomas Dinsmore.

They were married in 1893 and this ring was Bertha’s engagement ring. In this photo, they are on

their way to the 1909 Seattle Exposé. The person who chooses this ring will be re-purposing it for a new

future, while maintaining the integrity of it’s history, which is the ultimate joy of vintage jewellery. Will

this ring visit Seattle again?

Man and Woman in car

Diamond Engagement Ring

This is the first post in our new blog, to catch up and have fun reading over some old news check out the posts in our previous blog at