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Happy Father's Day Shopping - 2017-06-10

With Father's Day around the corner we thought it would be fun to find 10 interesting facts about this holiday celebrating the wonderful men in our lives! We've also found a few fun fact based gift ideas to inspire you in your Father's Day shopping.

1 - Father's Day is currently celebrated in over 50 countries around the World.  

For the Globe-trotter in your life you'll find a terrific selection of globes and maps in store.

Antique and vintage maps

2 - Father's Day was Invented in 1910 by Sonora Dodd of Spokane Washington in honour of her father who raised his children as a single parent.  Dodd chose June 19th in honour of her father's birthday. 

3 - According to Hallmark, Father's Day is the 4th largest card holiday of the year, selling over 74 million cards annually.  

Why not try a different take on the traditional card? Business card holders are a snazzy and unique Father's Day gift.

Cigarette Cases That Work as Business Card Holders

4 - Among those giving cards and gifts on Father's Day, 20% of purchasers are wives buying for their husbands.

gold cigar bands

Men's rings:

5 - Male sea horses carry the babies of their female counterparts.  

6 - Father's Day wasn't declared a legal Holiday until 1972 when Nixon officially signed off on Father's Day.  Although it was widely recognized on the third Sunday in June before 1972.

For signing off on important decisions we recommend a lovely desk pen set.


7 - In Germany the day is celebrated by fathers drinking in beer gardens and going on hikes with other dads, dragging wooden sleds filled with beer.


8 - The oldest first time father was Ramjit Raghar whose firstborn daughter was born after his 94th birthday.

If your 94 year old father figure is moving a little slower than Ramjit he might appreciate a handsome wooden cane for Father's Day.

antique and vintage canes

9 - The necktie is the most popular Father's Day gift to date!

 A fashionable add on to this Father's Day classic is a handsome tie clip/tie bar.

10 - In a 2015 survey it was found that 1 in 10 stay at home parents were fathers.  As women become more active at work men are stepping up to the role of primary caregiver.

Wishing the Happiest of Father's Days to all the important men in our lives. Please Click Here To Shop Our Father's Day Gift Guide.

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