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How To Find 'The Ring' For 'The One' - 2017-07-07

You've found 'the One' and now it's time to find 'the Ring'.  As you begin engagement ring shopping it's easy to become overwhelmed by the vast array of choices.  Instead of going to a jewelry store in a mall full of hustling people and searching for the latest- and likely most expensive- rings, why not consider purchasing a vintage ring?  Antique and Vintage rings have timeless and classic looks, and in many cases are more affordable than similar modern rings.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose a vintage engagement ring:

Craftsmanship:  One of the hallmarks of vintage rings is their exceptional craftsmanship.  From first look it's easy to see the time and care that a highly skilled jeweler spent crafting a vintage or antique ring.  To commission a ring today with the same level of skill and quality as an Edwardian, Vintage or Art Deco ring would cost much more than finding the perfect piece that has already been lovingly created.

Uniqueness:  The engagement ring that you purchase should be a show-stopping, one of a kind piece that stands out from the crowd as much as the woman who will wear it.  There's no better way to ensure her ring is unique than to purchase an antique engagement ring.  The age of these rings and the likelihood that they were in fact handcrafted means that you'll very rarely see two identical rings. 

Symbolism:  An engagement ring is a symbol of a commitment that will last forever, and a sign that the marriage you are proposing will be timeless.  What better way to symbolize this enduring bond of love than with a timeless piece of jewellery? A vintage engagement ring shows the world that you have a love that transcends time and -like vintage jewellery- will never go out of style.

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