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How To Clean Antique Vintage Jewellery & Engagement Rings - 2017-09-02

Care and Cleaning Tips For Your Open Backed Antique Vintage Jewellery & Engagement Ring!

Care Kit Checklist:

- mild liquid soap ( if you can find salt free, that is best)

- ammonia based jewellery or window cleaner  diamonds, sapphires, and rubies only

- small brush with soft bristles

- water

- bowl 

- lint-free soft fabric or clean eyeglass cloth

How to:

1.       Place the antique jewellery item in warm water or the ammonia based window cleaner in a bowl. Be wary of using sinks, make sure all drains are closed!

2.       While holding the antique jewellery over the bowl use the soft bristled brush, soap or cleaner to gently brush all crevices and underneath. Repeat this after rinsing if necessary.

3.       Soak your antique jewellery overnight if it is coated with dirt, then follow step two.

4.       Rinse the antique jewellery while holding it over the bowl with warm water, this will prevent losing any loose stones

5.       Dry your antique jewellery on a soft, lint free cloth or clean eyeglass cloth. Make sure to inspect the item once it is dry.

When in doubt, please contact Cynthia Findlay Antiques. Other titbits on cleaning your jewellery:

i)        Ultrasonic cleaners should not be used on any vintage or antique jewellery

ii)       Liquids should never be used on sensitive materials like hair, photographs or portrait miniatures – often these are found in vintage, antique lockets. Instead just use a cloth.

iii)      Opals, pearls, turquoise are common porous and soft gems which should only be cleaned with water and a mild liquid soap. Never soak overnight, and only immerse in liquids for a few minutes. It is important to rinse well before drying your antique opal, pearl or turquoise jewellery.

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