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Victorian Acrostic Rings - 2017-05-27

Find out about Victorian Acrostic Rings here!

Codes, puzzles, secret messages, personalized jewellery... We've become obsessed with the idea of wearing

and sending personalized messages, inside jokes and 'text speak'.

What you may not know is that this idea of hidden messages in jewellery actually has a history dating back to

the end of the Georgian and beginning of the Victorian period.  Jewellers used the first letter of gemstones to

create words, commemorate important dates and share inside jokes between the giver and receiver of these

rings.  These were called Victorian Acrostics. 

Regard Ring

The unique combination of gemstones became so popular during the Victorian era that people began to recognize

and attempt to read one another's ring messages.  The most popular rings spelled out 'adore', 'regard' and 'dearest'.

The first ring in this style was created by Jean Baptiste Mellerio for Marie Antoinette whose ring spelt out j'adore.

Another notable figure, Napolean Bonaparte, decked both himself and his wives in rings that used this system to

commemorate import dates and events in his life.  

Versions of this code were created with stones on different rings for stacking, on bracelets so that longer words

could be written and on brooches.

Regard Ring

Come in to Cynthia Findlay Antiques to see our collection of Victorian Dearest and Regard rings, or to see us about having

your own message made into jewellery for someone special.  Don't you just Lapus - Opal - Variscite - Emerald that idea?

Happy Mother's Day - 2017-05-11

Mother. Mom. Mammy. Ahm. Majke. Ma. Matre. Mutter. Maman. Mommy.

Regardless of how you address 'Mother', every translation means Love. This Mother's Day give the mom in your life a gift that she'll truly love,

something as individual and rare as she is. We've made it easy for you with the mothers day guide. 

Our favourite suggestions:

Sterling hand mirrors. Lovely on top of a dressing table, a sentimental reminder of her own mother or as a reflection of her inner and outer beauty.

Sterling and crystal containers. Perfect for her vanity table or bathroom these containers can be filled with jewellery, makeup or scent essentials. 

As an added bonus why not pick up a piece that's already monogrammed with an 'M' for 'Mom'.

Jewellery.  One can never have enough jewellery.  We've picked out a few favorites that are unique and stunning, but won't break the bank.

Your mom will love these eternity bands.

Compacts.  Purse sized daily reminders that her family loves her.

Sterling tea strainers.  Who doesn't enjoy the idea of tea and cookies with mom or grandma? Make tea time into a fancy party with a beautifully

engraved vintage tea strainer. View full tea sets here.

For all the Mothers, Grandmothers, Stepmothers, Aunts and Motherly figures in our lives: Happy Mother's Day. Thank you for your love and support. 

We appreciate you today and always.

Gatsby, Revived – Art Deco Rings - 2017-04-09

What's Shopping For Art Deco Rings Like?

Shopping for Art Deco Rings is like dipping a finger into The Roaring Twenties or

even into the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald. These Art Deco rings are unique and

the epitome of luxury jewellery - they feature geometric designs with fine details.

The beautiful aesthetic of this art movement is fueled by a demand for glamour;

if there is joie de vivre, there must be Art Deco. Art Deco jewelry represents a hunger

for fashion, style and life. In more recent years it has gained popularity in the celebrity

world of engagements, both Pippa Middleton and Scarlett Johansson wear Art Deco

rings as a symbol of their found love.


These Five Art Deco Rigns Are Just Some of The Glamorous Styles

1. Art Deco Ring Brilliant Cut Diamond


“True love is like this ring; it is rare, beautiful and will last forever”

This stunning Art Deco ring is a platinum mill grain with 1 round brilliant

cut diamond, est. 3.37 ct. (clarity: VS1 & colour: J); 2 baguette cut

diamonds, est. 0.16ct. (Clarity: VVS & colour: E-F) and 22 old mine cut

diamonds, est. 0.45ct. (clarity:VS-I1 & colour: F-G)


2. Art Deco Ring Emerald Cut Diamond.


“Large is intimate”

A gorgeous Art Deco ring is a custom vintage ring is made of

platinum, featuring 1 bezel-set emerald cut diamond, est. 1.83

ct (clarity VVS1 – colour E-F); 2 bezel-set square cut diamonds,

est. 0.55ct (clarity VVS – colour F-G) and 56 bead-set round

brilliant cut diamonds, est. 0.75 ct.(Clarity VS-SI1 – colour G-H)


3. Art Deco Opal Diamond Sapphire Ring.


“To be simultaneously enchanted and repelled by inexhaustible

variety” A unique Art Deco ring with 1 oval cabochon deep intense

indigo blue opal, approximately 3.37ct; 14 old European cut diamonds

estimated 0.44ct ( clarity: VS-SI & G-H colour) and 4 straight baguette

synthetic deep blue sapphire, est 0.36ct.


4. Art Deco Diamond and Emerald Ring


“To win over the object of your affection”

This luxurious Art Deco ring in a platinum mill grain is available to be viewed 

in stores upon appointment. This art deco ring features 1 old square modified

brilliant cut diamond, est. 1.56ct (clarity:SI1 & H colour); 4 baguette cut 

and 6 square baguette cut diamonds, est. 0.36ct (clarity: VVS-VS & G-H

colour) and 16 square mixed cut medium dark green emeralds, est. 0.65ct.


5. Art Deco 4.02ct Ring


“A masterpiece”

This very sought after art deco ring is a platinum mill grain,

engraved and filigree ring that houses an incredible old

European cut diamond est. 4.02ct (clarity: SI1 & J colour).

This ring is available to be seen by appointment.

To see more Art Deco Rings please click here.