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Ruby, July's Birthstone - 2016-07-06

Find Out What Makes Rubies In Antique and Vintage Jewellery So Special!

In the sweltering red heat of July the colour Ruby is everywhere: in the sun soaked and freckled faces of people
spending days outdoors, in the ripe red of fresh raspberries and in the captivating birthstone of July that takes its
name from the Latin word for red: the Ruby.  These rare and enchanting gemstones glow with an inner fire in
natural shades from deep pink to Crimson.
Rubies are a close cousin to Sapphires and are from the Corundum family.  They owe their luxurious red hues to
the presence of the mineral chromium during their formation.  Shades that are too pale or too purple to be
recognized as rubies are identified as sapphires which means rubies claim the only true red hues in the family.
Rubies have a measured hardness of 9 on the MOH scale which puts them just under the diamond and means that
they are very difficult to scratch or chip.
Rubies were mined as early as 600AD in Burma (now Myanmar) and have since been found in mines all around the
globe. These rare gems were cherished as a stone filled with the fire and power of life because of the similarity in
their colour to the red of the blood that flows through our veins.  Early warriors wore rubies in their skin to make them
invincible and ferocious in battle.  Ever heard the expression 'Love is a battlefield'? Maybe decking ourselves in rubies
was the key to conquering love all along!
Rubies have long been praised as a stone of royalty.  The name for Ruby in Sanskrit roughly translates to 'king of
precious stones'.  Hindu writings claim that those who offer rubies to the temples of the gods will be reborn as emperors.
In Europe during the Middle Ages the royalty wore rubies as coronation rings to symbolize their wealth and power.
Knowing this rich history, giving a woman a Ruby becomes a way to tell that special someone that they are the Queen
of your heart.
These stones are coveted for not only their lovely shades from pink to deep red but also for their role as the gemstone
of passionate, unbridled love.  Their crimson shades promote thoughts of power, vitality and love soaked sensuality.
Giving a Ruby as an engagement ring is a strong and passionate statement of undying love, as well as a beautiful and
unique stone that she can proudly wear for all the long years of your happily ever after.
Is there a Fortieth Birthday or Anniversary on the horizon? The Ruby is the traditional gift for the fortieth year and a
testament to the many wonderful years you've spent with one another.  Drape your partner in sparkling red droplets of
love with a Vintage bracelet that honours a lifetime of joy and passion with a story of its own to complement yours.
Whether it's for a July or 40th birthday, a love struck proposal or a symbol of Love on your anniversary, the Ruby makes
a perfect gift.  For a beautiful selection of these glittering red gemstones visit or come in to the
store at 284 King St W.
Cynthia Findlay Antiques

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15 Jul, 2016 03:49:39 AM
I love the birthstone. Lovely pieces of jewelry.