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Sapphire, September's Birthstone - 2016-09-03

Shopping For a Special Piece of Antique, Vintage or Modern Sapphire

Jewellery This September?


Perhaps a Stunning Vintage Sapphire Ring, Estate Sapphire Earrings, an Art

Deco Sapphire Bracelet or a Lovely Antique Sapphire Necklace!


'Oh the summer night, has a smile of light, and she sits on a Sapphire throne' - Bryan Procter.

Sapphire September's birthstone is best known for its shades of blue as varied as the hues of

the sky, from cornflower blue to navy twilight.  The Sapphire is a proud member of the Corundum

family and takes its blue shades from iron or titanium.  These stones are the second toughest

gemstones around rating a 9 on the MOH scale, which is only behind diamonds.  This makes

them incredibly durable as well as exceptionally breathtaking.


Although blue is the most recognized colour of Sapphire many people are surprised to learn

that this versatile stone can be found in a vast assortment of colours such as yellow, purple,

orange or green.  The rainbow of Sapphires in shades other than blue are known as 'Fancy

Sapphires'.  Some sapphires even exhibit colour change tendencies in different lights.  The

Padparadscha is one of the rarest and most valuable of 'Fancy Sapphires' and was given its

name for the pinkish orange hue that it shares with the Sinhalese Lotus blossom.  Stunning

pink and yellow vintage sapphire rings have found their way into the hearts and homes of many

modern brides craving a refreshing, vibrant shade in antique engagement rings.

Vintage Inpired Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Star sapphire is the name given to cabochon (non facet) cut stones.  These stones in shades

from an ethereal pale blue to deep bluish purple seem to encapsulate the swirl and iridescence

of moonlight and star shine.  Star sapphires are thought to be a guiding stone for travelers and

seekers.  The vintage star sapphire makes a wonderful gift for the adventurer in your life, and a

reminder to eventually follow their stars home.

vintage star sapphire ring

Sapphires boast historical ties as far back as Ancient Rome where polished sapphires were worn

by nobility as protection from harm and envy.  Ancient Persians held the romantic belief that the

earth itself rested on a giant sapphire and that its reflection was what coloured the sky.  What a

great story for the next time a child asks why the sky is blue! Sapphires continued to be popular

in the Middle Ages, mostly with royalty and with clergymen as this gemstone was thought to

attract heavenly blessings, guard chastity and aid in promoting peace with one's enemies.


Royalty and Romance have long been closely tied to the rich, enticing blues of the sapphire.

Antique sapphire engagement rings were sported by Napoleon Bonaparte's Josephine, Princess

Diana and more recently Kate Middleton.  Antique sapphire betrothal rings were wildly popular in

the Victorian era, and only in the last 100 years have Diamonds surpassed sapphires as the stone

to say 'I do' to. Buying a vintage or antique sapphire ring with a romantic setting is a unique way to

gift the 'Something old' and 'Something Blue' item that will bring a bride luck on her wedding day.

Dismount from your white steed with a vintage sapphire ring and watch how quickly your princess

will swoon into your arms.  Isn't it about time for your own happily ever after to begin?

Antique and Vintage Sapphire and Diamond Earrings

Don't let the end of summer make you feel blue! Come in to Cynthia Findlay's Antiques to browse

a stunning selection of sparkling antique, vintage and modern sapphires; and find the perfect gift for

that September occasion, that special someone or even a treat for yourself!

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