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Season's Giftings - 2016-12-20

Your Guide to Popular Vintage Gifts this Christmas

As the Snow glistens in the lanes and shoppers rush home with their treasures, you may find yourself stuck wondering what last minute treasures to get for the vintage lover on your list. At Cynthia Findlay's we've compiled a list of some of the most popular gifts this holiday season to help you in your quest.

1.   Sterling Wine Coasters. These beautifully crafted coasters not only protect your favorite holiday linens from wayward drips of wine, but also provide a beautiful base in which to dress up the wine bottle that cousin Eddie insists on bringing every year.


2.   Tea Strainers and Teacup/Saucer sets.  When the weather turns chilly we start to dream of curling up in the evening with a warm cup of tea and a movie or two on Netflix.  With the growing popularity of tea stores there has been a resurgence of delicious loose leaf tea available in North America.  Victorian silver tea strainers make a beautiful and functional gift for the tea lover in your life.

These delicate pieces perch on top of your cup while you pour hot water through the leaves and come with a stand to place them on after your tea has steeped.  This gift pairs perfectly with a unique footed teacup and saucer set, and makes every cup of tea into a celebration worthy of Downton Abbey.


3.   Crystal Decanters.  The Classy drinker in your family just 'de-cant' say no to displaying that special bottle of scotch or bourbon in a beautiful cut crystal decanter.  The art of shaping and cutting Crystal has slowly fallen away from the talented craftsmen of the past to the factory machines of today.  For that true 'Mad Man' feel displayed on a bar cart or nestled on a table among matching rocks glasses it's hard to beat a vintage Crystal decanter.


4.   Sterling Silver Pill Boxes.  These darling boxes can be used for so much more than just prescription medications and make for a stunning keepsake.  Delicate metalwork adorns the tops of these containers, making them perfect bathroom and bedroom decorations as well as charming storage boxes for small items.- Please visit our shop for a great selection!

5.   Vintage and Antique Jewelry. A true classic that will never steer you wrong is a beautiful piece of vintage or antique jewelry.  Whether you're hunting for rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets or brooches we've got you covered with a rainbow of stones in unique vintage and antique settings.  Remind that special someone that they are one of a kind with a piece of jewelry as unique and beautiful as they are.


Come on in to see us at Cynthia Findlay's and we'll help you to find that one of a kind treasure to surprise the vintage lover on your list!

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