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The Loonie Is How Old? - 2017-06-30

On the day before Canada's 150th Birthday we celebrate the Birthday of another Canadian icon: the Loonie. June 30th, 2017 marks the 30th year since the Loonie entered circulation in 1987.

This iconic, brass plated steel coin was introduced to phase out the dollar bill in Canada and became affectionately known as the Loonie because of The design of the Common Loon that it features. The name 'Loonie' was so popular that the Canadian Mint legally secured rights to the name in 2006.

The Loon has become a Canadian symbol thanks to the design by Robert Ralph Carmichael, but the dollar almost displayed a very different image. The original design for the Loonie featured a French explorer and an Indigenous man in a canoe. On the way to production the plates disappeared and out of fear of counterfeiting a new design was chosen for the Canadian dollar coin.

The Loon is a majestic water bird that mainly lives in Northern Canada and Northerly parts of the United States. These black and white beauties are diving birds that live off fish and crustaceans. The Loon's sight aids in their underwater hunting so they prefer to live on clear lakes such as in the Muskokas. The beautiful, plaintive cry of the Loon can often be heard echoing across lakes in Canada's cottage country.

Loons have often been seen as a romantic bird because they take a single partner to mate with, co-incubate their eggs and both parents take responsibility for the 1-2 chicks born each season. If a female loon loses her mate she may eventually take another partner during her up to 30 year lifespan.

A majestic and noble symbol of the Canadian North, the Loon can be found in many collectible ways in addition to the Loonie. Carved wooden loons are popular choices for the cottage chic look. Loon paintings make a lovely addition to the Canadian household. To shop our selection of Vintage Loon themed items come by our storefront at 284 King St W.

Happy 30th Birthday Loonie! And a Happy 150th Birthday to you Canada!

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