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Gloria’s Custom Antique/Vintage Style Ring In Toronto - 2015-11-06

Gloria’s Custom Ring Story


One weekday night, shortly after her birthday, Gloria was watching theAntiques Roadshow on the PBS station,

WNEB Buffalo/Toronto, when she saw a beautiful Georgian ring. The ring was, as she says, “full of rubies.” Gloria

was memorized and fell in love. She had always wanted a ruby ring, as ruby is her birthstone, and having finally

found the design and style of ring with the rubies she dreamed of, she now knew exactly what she was looking for.


With the idea of giving herself a belated birthday present, the very next day, Gloria, in her words, headed to the

“one place she could think of that had such an array of rings,” Cynthia Findlay Antiques.


When she got to shop, she tried to describe the ring. She knew it had diamonds and rubies and that it was kind of

flat on top. Gloria looked at the rings in the cases but could not find what she was looking for. What she could tell

us was that she had just seen it the night before on theAntiques Roadshow.


Wanting to help, we knew that we needed to see what Gloria had seen so we took up the search for the ring by

following the trail back to theAntiques Roadshow. After a bit of searching on the internet, we found out that the

episode WNED had aired the night before was theBritish Antiques Roadshow, “British Museum,” Series 33,

Episode 8 (#3308). Next, we tried to watch the episode but could not access it. In a final attempt to find the ringwe

again typed in the name and episode of the show but this time checked under images, and there it was.We had

foundthe ring. Gloria was thrilled.


And although we did not have a ring exactly like the one on theBritishAntiques Roadshow, we could offer to

have one custom made. Gloria had never dreamed, as she says, “I hadn’t dreamed, never in a million years,

of having a ring made,” but that is just what she did.


Do you have a dream ring we can make for you?


Here is the ring Gloria saw on theBritish Antiques Roadshow, Series 33, Episode 8 (#3308).

Antiques Roadshow Ring

Here is a photo of the ring we made for Gloria.

Custom Made Antique Vintage Style Ring Toronto

Here are a few photos of Gloria wearing her ring.

Gloria wearing ring

Gloria wearing her custom ring

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Tina Sutherland

06 Nov, 2015 05:07:31 PM
Wow, what a gorgeous ring!