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Clarice Cliff

Antique & Vintage Clarice Cliff Pottery

Discover our Selection of Antique & Vintage Clarice Cliff Pottery. For a Greater Selection of Clarice Cliff Pottery Please Contact Us or Visit our Shop.

Clarice Cliff Oval
Clarice Cliff oval "my garden" basket by Newport Potteries with floral handles 11 1/4 x 6 1/2 7 1/2 tall
Clarice Cliff
Clarice Cliff "My Garden" beaker vase by Newport Potteries 7 inches tall 4 1/8 diameter at base 2 available $395. Each
Clarice Cliff
Clarice Cliff "My Garden" round basket by Newport Potteries with floral handle 8 3/4 inch diameter 6 1/2 inches tall
Clarice Cliff Mottled Glazed Vase
Clarice Cliff mottled glazed vase by Newport Potteries, Burslem England. 6 3/4 inches tall 5 3/8 inch diameter at top
Clarice Cliff Vase By Newport Potteries
Clarice Cliff vase by Newport Potteries hand painted Bizarre goldstone pattern 6 inches tall 3 1/4 diameter
Clarice Cliff
A Biscuit barrel with Clarice Cliff  "Celtic Harvest” design on cream background form c.1938. The barrel is decorated with earns of corn and fru…
Clarice Cliff Bowl by Wilkinson Ltd
Clarice Cliff bowl by Wilkinson Ltd in a mottled blue cafe au lait ground 3 inches tall 7 3/8 inches in diameter  
Clarice Cliff Bazarre Biscuit Barrel
Clarice Cliff hand painted Bazarre biscuit barrel with silver-plate mounts 9 inches tall to top of handle 5 1/2 inches diameter
Clarice Cliff Hand Painted Bizarre Damask Rose Cup & Saucer
Clarice Cliff hand painted Bizarre Damask Rose pattern cup and saucer Cup 2 1/2 inches tall Saucer 5 3/4 inches diameter
Clarice Cliff Harvest Preserve Pot
A perverse pot with Clarice Cliff “Harvest” design on cream background form c.1938. The pot is decorated with earns of corn and the filial reliefs…
Clarice Cliff My Garden Vase
A vase standing 15.5cm tall, decorated in Clarice Cliff’s “My Garden” pattern from c.1934.  Relief moulded and decorated with flowers.  The bo…
Clarice Cliff Blue Chintz Lotus Jug
A single handed Lotus jug from c. 1931, hand painted with styled flowers and blue and green banding.  Excellent condition.  Bottom stamped “Fan…
Clarice Cliff Bizzare Jug
Its wonderful shape and signature bright colours make this a fantastic example of a hand painted Clarice Cliff “Bizarre” jug. It sits 19.5 cms (7.…
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