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Thinking About Georgian Jewellery & How to Take Care Of It? - 2017-08-24

About Georgian jewellery & How to take care of closed backed pieces

The Georgian period persisted from 1714 to 1837, it saw the rule of five different English Kings. Georgian Jewellery is very distinguishable, and very difficult to come by.  Jewellers of the time usually set gemstones in closed back settings, and they are also known for the ornate metal work. Georgian jewellery is truly a work of art; flower, crescent, foliage, ribbons and bows were common motifs. 

One of our clients recently purchased a stunning Georgian Ring. To own a piece of Georgian Jewellery is truly like owning a piece of history, and lots of care must go into it.


This ring has a closed back where you can only see metal and are unable to see the back of the gemstones, in this case diamonds. It is a common design of Georgian Jewellers who used foiling, backing the setting with foil, to magnify the light reflection of the diamonds. Georgian jewellery must never be on your hands while in contact with water, it should never be placed in liquids. This is to prevent moisture from getting in-between the stone and mount which will spoil the foiling and the colour. Caution should be taken when wearing Georgian jewellery in rain. Instead of using water on old pieces, gold and silver treated cloths are best to use. The cloths found with eyeglasses can also be used to remove dirt and grease.

Georgian_Diamond_Ring_2 Georgian_Diamond_Ring_3

When storing Georgian jewellery, we recommend that is be stored in a soft fabric and individually so not to rub against other pieces. A dry humid-free storage area is best, but refrain from air tight plastic bags or boxes for lengthy storage times. Just like any work of art, we know that your Georgian Jewellery can last from generation to generation. Georgian Jewellery worn frequently should be checked every year by a jeweller to ensure that any loose diamonds are secured. Contact Us at Cynthia Findlay Antiques to happily to assist you with this.

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