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Winston Churchill Recently Discovered - 2017-06-03

An active Winston Churchill enthusiast came to Toronto for a Chuchill association dinner and discovered Cynthia Findlay's Antiques.

He couldn't help but fall in love with a figure of Winston Churchill in Bulldog form by Royal Doulton.  The whimsical Royal Doulton

bulldog figurine featured a top hat and Churchill's signature navy and white polka dot bow tie.  This tough character also held a cigar

between his teeth to emulate the tenacious former British Prime Minister.

Winston Churchill in Bulldog form by Royal Doulton

Churchill was considered a Bulldog and many of these desktop figurines were made in his image.  They became even more popular

when they made their way into the James Bond film franchise as desktop ornaments on M's desk beginning in the 1940s.  The 007

version named 'Jack' sported variations of the Union Jack flag on his back and represented England.

A specialty version was recently created with extra 'damage' as a tongue in cheek joke after (spoiler alert) the MI6 headquarters were

destroyed in 'Spectre'.

Although the top hat sporting bulldog has gone to a new home you can still find several versions of the Churchhill and Union Jack Bulldogs

from Royal Doulton in store at 284 King St. W. by clicking here.

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