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What Is A Solitaire Diamond? - 2022-03-11

What Is A Solitaire Diamond?

If you are looking for jewelry for a special occasion, a solitaire diamond might be the best choice. It's considered to be the most popular engagement ring style to be ever worn. 

This diamond is well polished and offers brilliance that you can never go wrong with. Read this guide to learn about solitaire diamonds and why they're popular.

What Is A Solitaire Diamond?

A solitaire is a type of setting whereas a diamond is obviously a type of gem. So it means that you can have a solitaire ring with any gemstone. It also means that not every piece of diamond jewelry is a solitaire, gems can be set in various settings with many styles.

Solitaire comes from the Latin word soul, which means alone or sole. In jewelry, it means a ring with a single stone.

Therefore, a solitaire diamond is a ring with a single diamond, from this explanation. However, note that you can find these diamonds on other pieces of jewelry like necklaces, earrings, and even in men's jewelry.

Popular Diamond Solitaire Shapes

Round Solitaire - it's a popular cut as it's brilliant and captivating. It's been used on engagement rings for decades.

Emerald cut - this is a rectangular shape and offers a subtle but elegant appearance of the diamond.  

Princess cut - it's a sophisticated, classy, and always-in-style diamond with 70 facets.

Other shapes include oval solitaire, cushion cut, marquise solitaire, and heart solitaire.

Pros And Cons Of Solitaire Diamond

Many people love wearing a diamond solitaire because the gem is attractive and elegant. Other gemstones don't necessarily have the same shape, cut and beauty.

Solitaire diamonds are also easy to care for and maintain as you only clean one stone. Plus, it's a timeless style that has been around for many years and it's not likely to go out of style.

However, like most ring a solitaire diamond ring can snag on clothes, bedding, and furniture, especially if the diamond is set high. Plus, the prongs can become worn after years of use. Therefore, it's a good idea to have them inspected after every two years.

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