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A Guide To 1920s Engagement Rings - 2021-07-16

A Guide To 1920s Engagement Rings

The "Roaring Twenties" brought about many changes for society. Jazz music became extremely popular. Cocktail parties were all the rage. New fashion trends emerged, including a popular engagement ring style, the Art Deco. The Art Deco style spanned from 1920 through the beginning of the 1930s. Art Deco engagement rings were inspired by the modernist decorative style of the 1920s.

1920s Engagement Ring

Edwardian Engagement Rings Vs. Art Deco Engagement Rings

A predecessor to the Art Deco style was the Edwardian style of jewelry. This style influenced some of the choices made during the Art Deco reign. Platinum and diamonds were popular choices in both styles when it came to rings. Where they differ from the earlier style, however, is in the overall structural design. Edwardian style rings had curvy, nature-based motifs, while the Art Deco went for a more geometric shape.

What Is An Art Deco Engagement Ring?

Art Deco rings are known for their geometric patterns, stone colour and lots of jewels. Popular ring trends from the Art Deco period include:

  • A platinum or white gold setting
  • Backdrop of white diamonds
  • Brightly coloured gems
  • Geometric shapes like octagons and hexagons
  • Color contrasts in stones
  • Intricate details
  • Modernist touches
  • Asian decorative motifs
  • Halo ring setting

Popular centrepiece stones included cushion, emerald, Asher, and other old-European cut stones. The popular platinum band and setting made it easier to put beautiful and intricate details into the rings. Platinum, by nature, is more malleable than other materials used for rings, and this made it easier to get the iconic and intricate markings.

1920s Engagement Ring

Are 1920s Engagement Rings Popular?

Just because the Art Deco decade is over, that doesn't mean you still can't enjoy it. Today, the art deco trend is still extremely popular. Modern ring making has borrowed many of the techniques from the period, including unconventional gemstones. Antique 1920s engagement rings are making a huge comeback and modern rings are even taking some inspiration from the Art Deco trends. If you're looking to make a statement with your engagement rings, consider looking at an Art Deco variety.

Where To Find 1920s Engagement Rings?

If you are interested in finding authentic 1920s engagement rings, it can sometimes be tricky since these types of rings are not easy to find anymore. But do not worry, Cynthia Findlay Fine Jewellery & Antiques has an amazing collection of 1920s engagement rings. Our art deco experts can help you find the perfect 1920s engagement ring. To see our stunning collection, click here or contact us today to set up an appointment to visit our Toronto location!

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