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How To Clean Pearl Jewelry - 2021-11-18

How To Clean Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are beautiful, delicate, and incredibly unique gemstones. Their shiny surface is what makes any pearl jewelry look special. Being a symbol of purity, pearls need extra attention and maintenance.

The more care you are willing to give them, the longer your pearls will maintain natural luster and make you look and feel radiant regardless of the occasion.

Vintage Cultured Pearl and Diamond Ring

Steps To Clean Pearl Jewelry

Unless you clean your pearl jewelry properly, the luster is likely to disappear with time. Here is how to prevent it.

  • Dry wiping - clean pearls with a soft cloth each time you take them off. This can remove the dirt, debris, and oils that they may have encountered during the day.
  • Damp cleaning – if a dry cloth can't remove the dirt off your pearls, mix lukewarm water with mild dish soap, dip the cloth in the solution, and wipe your jewelry. Never submerge your pearl necklace, bracelet, or ring in the water. It could damage various elements of the jewelry.
  • Air drying – after cleaning the jewelry, allow it to air dry before storing it in a box.

Take your pearl bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and other jewelry to a professional jeweler at least once a year. The expert can check the integrity of threads and arrange professional cleaning.

Vintage Cultured Pearl Necklace with Jade Clasp

How To Care For Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are organic gemstones. They are highly vulnerable to acid and dry air. To prevent damage, you need to:

  • Always use perfume, cosmetics, and hairspray BEFORE putting on your pearls.
  • If you accidentally spill something acidic on your pearls, wipe them immediately, air dry.
  • Since pearls are easy to scratch, make sure the storage box is lined with soft materials.
  • Clean pearls regularly.
  • Wear your pearls regularly to keep them from drying out.

If you take good care of your pearl jewelry, it will keep you happy for many years. To learn more jewelry maintenance tips and tricks, contact us at any convenient time.

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